Equity for those who wear glasses

One of the problems for those who wear glasses when they watch 3D movies is either they have to wear the 3D glasses and not their prescription ones or they have to wear two pairs of glasses: the prescription pair and the 3D pair. There is no equity for spectacle wearers in the 3D cinema world. Some would be able to afford the $20 dollars upwards for a pair of 3D glasses which clip onto their prescription glasses. I am wondering if any proper research has been done on this problem. It is a problem. Some feel stupid for having to wear two pairs fo glasses. Some cannot wear the two pairs and no matter which one they opt for they are going to get blur. It depends on the vision problems and, of course, there is no way the real world can manage everyone’s eyesight problems at the cinema. Classic case of where you need to look at user experience and user research and then make a plan! Maybe clip on ones need to be as easily and readily available in the same way and at the same price as the regular 3D glasses. Maybe there is an easy way to customise prescription glasses and some people would be able to do that to a spare pair of glasses. The world needs to get onto it. Quora looks at how people manage this. It would appear they can either manage it or not and the 2 pairs of glasses at once is an issue. Eyecarefun has some suggestions , one of which is just to watch the regular version of the movie. So many people wear glasses. Why can’t they just watch 3D like anyone else? The world needs to get onto it.

Art of Illusion

I am a big fan of cross platform software. Choose the operating system which suits you and your needs, because that is what it boils down to, and then get the software you want. In our current climate we often have to go cross platform because we choose our OS at home and then there is a different one at work…or one for one system and another for another system. Cross platform software means you can choose your software and work with what you want and then the OS is not an issue. Art of Illusion is free , cross platform software which is a 3D modelling and rendering studio. If you take a look at the screenshots and gallery sections of the site you will see if is a very capable piece of software. You cannot just fudge it. You have to know what you are doing but there is help. The site is also an opportunity to explore and share this software with others and more and more the sharing and community approach to learning is becoming normal and that’s good. The contribution part of the site here and there are opportunities to do all sorts of things to help develop The Art Of Illusion, not the least of which is to contribute to tutorials. I really need those tutorials!! There is pressure for us to be able to do everything on a computer and we cannot…not without help.

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