Top 10 free Windows applications

These applications have been around for a while so they have been peer and community reviewed pretty thoroughly. Most of them are cross platform and they are all high performing applications . Some of them have a pro paid version but all of them are very functional as free applications. I am always using Gimp and I did used to use Scribus .This video reminded me to take another look at it. These applications are very much for 2018 so  , if you have time, take a look. Open Office is good to have loaded if you want an alternative to cloud services. It doesn’t have the high end graphics and presentation capabilities of the Apple and Microsoft alternatives but it works really well. Libre Office is also free and equally as good.

Free 3D Modelling Software

This is pretty impressive. When you see how quickly and effectively Andrew Smith can work, then you know he knows his software and has put in hours and hours of training. Really high level learning in technology occurs when you have the software and the dedication to learn to use it properly. It then becomes a mix of skills, talent and imagination. 3D modelling is increasingly important as we shift to video as a major means of communication and entertainment. There is an ever increasing uptake of video skills and to create something original then the 3D modelling skills are essential since animation can play a significant role in any video project. This 3D modelling project is using 3D Studio Max by Autodesk. Autodesk works with educational institutions and offers a free version as well as the paid versions. The Apple version is Maya and you can see that in practice in the Minion Rigging tutorials. Autodesk has a significant user base which shares tutorials and tips. Autodesk itself offers really good support. You can’t just do 3D modelling. It requires application and mastering and then the explicit learning and subsequent creativity will follow. My students like to use the 123D Sculpt app on their iPads. It doesn’t have the complexity of the computer versions but it is handy in my classroom and has a wow factor for students. It is a good way to introduce them to 3D modelling but they’d have to follow up learning it in depth elsewhere. That is not what I am teaching. If you are going to use 3D software you need to be able to trial it properly. A month will not be enough. Autodesk offers free school versions which allow students to work on it properly and for you to know whether it is worth further outlay. There is plenty of other free 3D modelling software out there and sometimes it is a matter of finding the software which suits you. There are 7 seven to choose from here and 25 choices here.

Art of Illusion

I am a big fan of cross platform software. Choose the operating system which suits you and your needs, because that is what it boils down to, and then get the software you want. In our current climate we often have to go cross platform because we choose our OS at home and then there is a different one at work…or one for one system and another for another system. Cross platform software means you can choose your software and work with what you want and then the OS is not an issue. Art of Illusion is free , cross platform software which is a 3D modelling and rendering studio. If you take a look at the screenshots and gallery sections of the site you will see if is a very capable piece of software. You cannot just fudge it. You have to know what you are doing but there is help. The site is also an opportunity to explore and share this software with others and more and more the sharing and community approach to learning is becoming normal and that’s good. The contribution part of the site here and there are opportunities to do all sorts of things to help develop The Art Of Illusion, not the least of which is to contribute to tutorials. I really need those tutorials!! There is pressure for us to be able to do everything on a computer and we cannot…not without help.

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