The future is marvellously daft

So you thought your privacy was compromised? Now you can monitor your own privacy and put it up in a visual story. You can be in charge of your own tracking. You can track your drinking, your room temperatures, your kiddies. You can have a Mother Sensor and 4 cookies to monitor what you want and it will be fed visually to a computer. I am beginning to believe we have gone monitor mad and data daft but it is what is currently driving the world. Mother Sensor looks so innocent, so I bet she can get up to no good! That aside, I am certain there would be some really helpful things you could do with Mother Sensor. She will be pretty affordable if you like her and she is the future so she is someone you could install in your life and make the best of. It is an interesting concept so it’s about exploring it in a more creative way. Once they are  widely available and people can see what to do with a Mother Sensor , then I am sure they’ll have educational as well as home use. I was wondering if I can attach one to my dog and find something out! It would be good if you could programme it. Like when the room temperature falls to this temperature, please put on the heater. When the ground is this dry, please turn on the sprinkler…at 4pm , please turn off the lights. Can you please write me a blog post of 500 words??

21st Century Learning Spaces

21st century Learning Spaces

Frank Gehry is a good source of inspiration when thinking about 21st century learning spaces because his mind has moved into the next millennium and he has learned that computer assisted architectural design can free up and realise his ideas. His buildings are extraordinary and I cannot think of a better way to get students and staff excited about learning than being in a building which stimulates imaginative and creative reactions. Once inside the building Frank Gehry is expert at creating spaces and niches which suit the functionality of the building. His optimisation of niches is worth considering for e-learning . He can look at a building like a tree where the centre of it might be the large learning spaces like our senior learning centre at school . We have tables and chairs, at least 3 teachers and one full time teacher for that area and then a bank of computers around the outside and a white board. It has a wet area as well. So the space can be used for conferences and in service education, students can work together in small groups, they can sit with each other and work or go off by themselves on a computer. They always have access to teacher support and help. It flows very smoothly there and a lot is learned. So you can have those sorts of composite learning spaces. His buildings then lend themselves to going out on a branch for specific learning which would be faculty or specialist driven . His niches would enable students to have quiet and individual spots for learning and creating multimedia assignments. We need to be more flexible in our approach and Franck Gehry shows how to break the straight line thinking even though some buildings need modification once they are built.It’s just not that easy when you are that cutting edge. His buildings are airy, light and take advantage of those sorts of things which will add to sustainable living and learning spaces.

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