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I transitioned smoothly to the nbn yesterday even though my phone line had gone down 3 weeks before. I survived those weeks on mobile phone and connection. It may just have been they got all excited and switched the copper wire off too early. I was grateful to my isp for organising an earlier changeover date and yesterday it went well. My isp had got my modem out to me early so I could read all the information about setting it and the FTTN connection up. It was so good to get rid of all the splitters, cables and filters and just have a simple wall connection . I chose to keep my cordless phone to connect to the VOiP because it has 3 handsets. The email I received to tell me the switch had been made and I could now connect also told me it would take 3-7 days to port my home phone number. Not so. It took 12 hours. That’s service.

So what did I do to get it all going?

I read the booklet and googled pictures of how to connect the modem which I kept on my iPad. I set it all up the day before and double checked I had connected it properly.

I kept a spare phone handy in case my cordless was not going to work. I plugged the cordless into a separate wall socket and not the power board I have the computer and modem connected to. I used the phone cable supplied for the modem and a new phone cable for the cordless phone just to be sure.

Yesterday morning I switched the modem on and left it for half an hour to sort itself out. I then turned on my computer which I left on for half and hour with the modem so they could work out how they were going to talk to each other. There was plenty of activity on the ethernet line. I logged into the modem and really liked the clear interface so I could locate everything I needed. I used the set up wizard and filled in the details. I had no VOiP password at that stage. That came in an email when the number was successfully ported.

I checked the live feed of what they were doing and by sheer luck happened to see an nbn van go past my place probably to the street pillar near me. I rechecked the details on my modem and a couple were not right so I changed them. I made sure I had all the passwords and details written down on one page so I didn’t have to keep looking for things. I didn’t get connected  so I shut everything off, booted up the modem and let it settle in and then booted up the computer. Old rule – modem first, computer second.

I was on the Net! I left it on all day and there wasn’t a problem.

This morning I got the email about my phone number being registered and initially I couldn’t get the phone to work. I filled in the password again, shut everything off and booted up the modem and then the computer. Bingo. The phone works!!

Currently I am finding my computer is happy on the nbn. So are my phone and iPad. I haven’t had any problems with my devices. I think it is really important to be patient and very important to read all the instructions. Sometimes you just have to wait and try again. I think it also might be a case of how many people are trying to get a new connection going at the same time as you so I figure getting it all up and running early and just leaving it helps.


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