Steam Castle Awesomeness

Steam CastleWelcome to my new , custom built desktop awesomeness – the Steam Castle. For those of you who like specifications it is just brilliant. Ninja silent. As fast as anything and looks really cool. Now for the detailed specifications. It has 16 Gb RAM and a 2 terabyte hard drive. It runs graphics from the chipset and a separate graphics card (not short on DVI and other video connections!). It is AMD Radeon R7 graphics plus R7 200 dual graphics. It is obviously handling graphics   really well and that is why I had it built this way . The images are crystal clear and seem 3D even on my old VGA monitor. I have another monitor which runs high definition graphics and  i could attach four other monitors if I wanted to ! The processor is an AMD A10-7860K Radeon R7 , Compute Cores 4C + 8G 3.60 GHz. It has a Radeon R7 250 fan, and UltraDurable F2A88XM-D3HP motherboard and a Corsair VS650 power supply. I love the look of the case and I love all the lights on the top which cycle from green to red to blue if you want them to ! Steam CastleMy whole desktop area looks retro now and the Steam Castle fits right in. It is rock solid. It won’t be vibrating or getting knocked out of place. It is durable. That is what I want. No laptop , no tablet, no portable device can compare with the computing power I have here right now and it is what I want so I am not just cutting and pasting or knocking up a document. I can really compute and have a complexity of function which simply is not there on portable devices as handy as they are. I am about to try the games emulator . That went pretty well on my other desktop. On this one it should be breezing it in. I am looking at these amazing images and everything is instant. I am waiting for nothing. Steam Castle 3I’ll write another post next week because by then I should have really given my Steam Castle a good work out.


2 Responses

  1. […] The customisations have held that version of Windows 10 together. It has been okay. Just okay. My Steam Castle has 16 Gb RAM and is very much graphics dedicated. It has an OEM version of Windows 10. I have […]

  2. […] dictionary function is excellent ,and, all in all , it suits me well. I had not connected it to my Steam Castle PC which has an OEM version of Windows 10 and a very nice one at that.  The e-reader started […]

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