Hay Day – You can’t always get what you want


I have no cocoas. My cocoa trees are not ready for 15 hours and I cannot buy them. If they do not come up in the newspaper then I am in a cocoa free zone until the game gods provide with me cocoas. So, curiously enough, with an ultra modern game , I am learning the age old lesson of make do or, if you don’t have it, do without. It means one of my townsfolk is locked up until I bring him hot chocolate or set him free. Speaking of townsfolk, they can be incredible gluttons. They go into the diner and stuff their faces with cream cakes, strawberry cakes, chocolate cakes…pies, tarts. Same in the cinema. Four buttered popcorn, 3 fruit juices, 2 chocolate icecreams and even in the spa, where they are supposed to eat healthily, they’ll order 11 urns of milk or 10 pumpkin ! What is that all about? No wonder they have issues. Gluttony seems to be a way of life for them and every so often they mend their ways and order dainty portions . So the town is resource hungry . The fishing area is fun now because I have the lobster farm going they and they whizz out of the pool in gay abandon and launch themselves into the river. The animation with the animals in this game is excellent except for the cats and goats. The goats are ghoulish and scary. I could not bear to have them on my farm . Over the Hallowe’en period, when they decorated all the animals beautifully, the goats were wearing far too much mascara. Honestly, they are disturbing. The cats are very stiff legged and have starey eyes which makes them very unfeline. The other animals are perfect and the dogs just make me laugh. I am up to level 47 and in that time I have expanded the farm, built the town, extended the fishing area and am making quite a bit of money. It annoys me no end that I extend the farm to house dead trees and shrubs. It is ridiculous. I buy saws and axes and occasionally receive them through the game but you’d have to shell out some serious cash to keep control of it. Necessity is the mother of invention so I have learned to be creative with my dead things and have place them artistically around my farm but invariably use the extension I waited so long to get to put more dead things. It’s a challenge. Hay Day is a challenge. You cannot just mindlessly play it or you’ll fall foul of the traps. It forces you to keep your mental acuity in fine working order and it has certainly made me a better decision maker. It creates situations and problems which you have to resolve and it really does force you into learning how to make sound decisions and work with a positive plan and approach. When I run out of something like cocoas , though, it puts a block on the flow of the game. Maybe it is meant to, but it also means I leave the game and come here to blog about it.  As such, it does not allow you to become a person who wants what they want NOW. Bad luck I can’t get cocoas. In the meantime I have sold a lot of things, redecorated a whole area of the farm, redecorated my desktop for Christmas, cleared out one of my clogged email accounts and blogged. No cocoas means there has been diversity in my life  as I have been working around the problem and I now have  a totally clean email box.


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