Flipped Classroom Review

We have focussed on flipped classroom techniques this year at school and have been asked to review where we are at and what we are thinking. I have decided that videoing myself teaching is not something I want to do at the moment. Videos can be spliced, cut, pasted and reformatted and I have no control over that or what happens to my content.I need to think it through some more. If it is my teaching content and material you want to see then please enrol in my class or please come and visit. I create lessons for the class I am teaching and the day I am teaching them. I have a base of resources but lessons are created specifically for the students I am currently teaching. I will not teach -ER verbs the same to each year 8 class. In year 11 La Neige (snow) is an assignment which changes to the point of transmogrification with each Stage 1 group. I realised recently I have been doing the flipped classroom since the 70s. Karen de Beauvais and I used to meet on a Sunday afternoon at her place to record German teaching tapes for our students. On Monday we’d deliver them to the SSO in the library to put in the tape copier. We had a bank of tapes available in the resource centre so students could reinforce core material in their own time or fill in their learning gaps. Karen was a native speaker of German and so it was good to work with her. In French, there are so many resources made by France and French speaking Canada which support learning and content delivery. I have made my own presentations and videos but not of a lesson. For me, the flipped classroom is about personalised learning and social justice. We made those tapes in the 70s because we were working with disadvantaged students who needed homework resources. I am curating and collating out of class resources now because I work in 2015, the walls are easily removed and we can learn whenever we want to. What I do then for French is have banks of files which will support topics and themes and specific learning content. In 2015 we are not producing sausages and doing lessons as a job lot in hallowed lock step style. We can be whoever we are learning whatever we want. I now have resources so that I can create personalised learning for students. I can teach native speakers, students with specific learning needs , students who have English as their 3rd or fourth language and whoever else comes to my class because I can give them self help, self learning tools, files , videos which suit their learning style and needs. I can customise their learning because we can start in class and finish off our own way at home or start at home and pick it all up at the different levels in class. Flipped learning makes excellent use of technology , tools and talents. More importantly, it puts learning on a continuum . It goes to the heart of the aitsl standards:

1. Know students and how they learn
2. Know the content and how to teach it
3. Create and maintain safe and supportive learning environments

A lot of my French materials and ideas are on my ah oui? blog. With the files I have then I can do mix and match easily so that students can learn outside the classroom and I have found parents have responded really well to this electronic availability of learning. I can cover students who are elite sports people, or who have various illnesses or are away on trips. It is better if they are in class but it works really well to be able to flip the class for these students and see how much parents value it. It is also the reason I get my senior students to blog. It is how they process their personalised learning and I can feed into that.

That is what I am doing for French. I did create two videos for successful English assignments. I enjoyed making them and it made me want to teach English again. This approach is a great way to use our technology resources to build and extend learning outside the classroom walls. Isn’t that what flipped learning is about? Just walking through walls?

Candle Poem

A view from the top


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