We are connected


Image: data analysis assignment

Web 3.0 is underway and poised ready to take off. We are waiting for bandwidth, faster processors and co processors and plenty of RAM. As it stands , we can still all connect and we can analyse that data if we want to. The fact that we are is an indication that this will become a fundamental way of life. For the first time in history , millions of people can be connected and they are using their languages to facilitate communication. It means we can create dedicated groups across time and space to work on something, discuss something, develop something. It means we are no longer confined by walls and geographical boundaries. It also means more people can be included and become participants in something worthwhile. No one is physically limited if they have an internet connection  and a device they can use. Theoretically I could be sitting here now with say 10 -15 faces on my screen who are all hooked into a good quality video link and I could be running a classroom online. We could be talking and learning as we do in a real classroom. Australia is one of the countries which has pioneered effective distance learning but whether we are at the stage where we could actually run online video classes , I do not know. It would not suit everyone and it would not be for everyone but it would push the boundaries on any time anywhere learning. A classroom is not an online course. There are plenty of online courses we can have access to at any time so we can pursue indvidual and asynchronous learning. Running a real classroom online with synchronous learning would offer options for different sorts of learning. I could theoretically have my class made up of students from anywhere. True international engagement. It will come. This connectedness means peole are no longer necessarily tied to time and place for work. It will create all sorts of pressures and challenges with regard to work conditions, occ health and safety, other legal issues and responsibilities. As it stands people gather online for conferences, webinars, courses, discussions, games, causes and special interests. In time that will permeate how we all live because we are connected. It means you can get help and ideas from anyone , anywhere and that you can share and discuss ideas whenever you want with a global audience. Connectivitiy means we are grouping according to our interests at the time but it also means our skills and capabilities can be utilised and fostered more broadly.


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