HayDay HayDay is played across 127 countries, its official Facebook page has over 9 million likes and it can gross $90,000 dollars a day in the USA alone. Gaming is big business but it is also leading the way for successful web 3.0 action where you group people according to specific need or interest and maximise how they go to work or can feel productive. The boating, car, textile and sporting industries have engaged people for hours. People spend hours quilting, embroidering, sailing , golfing, playing football, cycling. They also spend hours watching films and becoming film buffs, reading and cooking. Now we have gaming. It involves millions of people and it makes millions. I cannot find out how many people are paid to create HayDay and what the actual jobs are. That interests me. I have blogged about it before with the 2013 information. Thinkgaming comes up with daily stats and currently it is ranked 18th. There is an interesting interview with people who have come from all over the world to work with Supercell on HayDay for the summer. It is an opportunity they dared to ask for. You can find the rankings for the game on App Annie. The most interesting site is the one on gamastura which analyses the game play and what is happening. For educators it is invaluable information. What do games teach and how do they teach it? They are a powerful influencer today. We need to understand how they work and the impact they have.

What are my plus points for the game?

1. It is built on helping and being helped.
2. It has broadened my capacity to think strategically in ways I had not considered.
3. I don’t belong to a network but am conscious of the fact I can help others and they can help me without any formal connection. Magical ethernet connectivity.
4. It is challenging. It is not easy and it challenges all the time. Keeps my brain ticking.
5. The Japanese kaizen approach really works. I can build something powerful one tree, one plot, one animal and one facility at a time.

The negative points?

1. There is emotional manipulation with the animals and characters.
2. The discount offer for diamonds (which cost money) has doubled and the original offer is not there.
3. It can be addictive!
4. Dairy ,sugar  and saws are in far too short supply.
5. The newspaper does not carry a broad range of goods.I don’t want to spend my life flicking through the paper in the hope something might turn up.

This game makes me think all the time. It challenges my behaviour and I have had to change my behaviour so that I am not caught out. It has livened me up. I have also been amazed how helpful people can be when there is nothing but being there at the same time and in the same place. It has been a really interesting experience because I am used to being in control of games and HayDay is always testing that control and forcing me to rethink and regroup.It has also been amazing to see just how global this game is and what a leveller gaming is for all nations.


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