Responding to Abuse and Neglect Training


abuse checklist

Image: Concerns checklist

If you have read my blog you will know I am not overly fond of online training. The packages we have had for different purposes have been arduous and mind numbing even though the information has been critical and important. So it has always been something to be endured. This year’s RAN training by our South Australian Department of Education had obviously listened to feedback and had delivered a package which was really worthwhile and almost perfectly executed. The voice reading every word is necessary for those who process information aurally but this time there was the option of turning it off. I find someone reading text slows me down too much and frustrates me. What was so good about this online package?

1. It was current. it looked at and explained the Debelle inquiry . We needed to be properly informed about that.
2. Everything which was discussed had some excellent links and sources to be followed up.
3. The videos were very pointed and were by people in real jobs with real experience and might have been people we knew.
4. The case study on Jason was powerful. The slides from that should be made into posters. The clarity and deconstruction of that case was impressive.
5. It covered the basics in a direct, straight forward way.
6. The exercises had some credible examples.
7. There were curly questions to make you think.
8. The progression was reasonable.
9. The balance of reading, listening and interacting was almost right. I’d say make it a bit more interactive.
10. The forms and process were there.

When you get professional training like that delivered online you feel like you have spent the time well and have been given a chance to update your knowledge and skills in a well organised manner. Online training needs to set a tone and this RAN package showed care, concern and an awareness that , as teachers, we needed to be effectively informed about current information, reminded about general practice and then have an opportunity to think further. It also ensured we had all the relevant documents at hand.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Cathy,
    I agree with your comments about the online RAN training. It was the best online training package that I have had to complete. It was also helpful to access extra documents and be able to save them for future reference.

    • I thought they did a wonderful job and had made it both thought provoking, functional and interesting. I was impressed with the easy access to documents and references.

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