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Student feedback is worth its weight in gold. It can reaffirm what you were thinking and doing as a teacher, but you can gather some other ideas to set directions for the future. Students are not static. They are not the same thing from one year to the next, one generation to the next, one group to the next. They are living beings. When you get feedback you can endorse yourself but you can also keep yourself current. They will express their needs ands wants . It can be surprising. It will keep you moving. You will change naturally. I use Edmettle because it is safe and secure. I can pose questions and get feedback, practice class content a little bit, get suggestions and I can also endorse each student individually. Every student has a voice. Yesterday I was asking them about the online State competitions for languages, what they thought they had achieved well in French this term and about a little French-Japanese anime video I had shown them. A student of Chinese background said the anime was more like a Chinese anime rather than a French or Japanese one. Information for me. A new look at the world. They were proud of their achievements in the state competitions but wanted a better plan next year. They appreciated the fact we used some class time for it and thought it was important because they could see the impact LIVE on the IBW. Then they asked for reminders. So many of them asked for reminders. Can’t you remind us to do it at home? Can’t you send us an email or an alert ? Can’t you use the LMS to remind us? Can’t you send us a reminder to do it for 10 minutes NOW? Can’t the school set an event so that all languages students are online at a certain time? These are gaming students. These are students born after 2000 who have grown up with the internet, mobile technology and games. They love things with awards and points. They love challenges to “level up”, they love data and feedback and love it even more if it is LIVE. They like being on a leader board for learning. While we were busy on the state competitions I was putting little to do lists on their lesson plans on the LMS because we had to be REALLY efficient to do the state competitions and complete our work. They hauled brilliantly. We were spectacularly, impressively productive last week. So today, I did need that feedback. You    cannot run classes like that all the time but you do need to understand how to get the best out of students, yourself ,systems and resources. I got a big surprise , though. My todo lists got a big thumbs up. I thought I was doing something normal. They thought I was being fantastic and that it was much more helpful than anything else. It makes sense now. They are gaming students. They want a gaming list of things to collect.They don’t want to look at the assessment plan I put up or the weekly tasks list or the assignment sheet. They want a NOW list. Things to do now, feedback now, information now, challenges now. I have to operate in real time with my levels, challenges, lists, artefacts, content. They are then asking for the system to provide reminders for asynchronous learning. What a great thought and the world needs to get onto it. Me too.

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