Try Tellagami

Debbie Boyer’s video about Tellagami is really helpful. Had it not been for the video I would not have worked out that you have to save the Tellagami first before you preview it. I put the one I made last night on my iPad into DropBox so I could pick it up on my MacBook and show everyone . It really is a good option for us to use as languages teachers and for the flipped classroom. It is a good way of building up oral capability in students since the recordings are 90 seconds. This means you have to think carefully about what you are saying and how you deliver it. I don’t like the synthesisers. It doesn’t work well for French or English. In English the intonation is a bit odd – but could be used to good effect. It needs French synthesisers.Tellagami For Japanese I am told it is very effective and the voice synthesisers are replicating Japanese sounds and sentences well. For my own purposes I can see some real possibilities for this in class. I can see how well it could suit some flipped classroom activities. I have got my first video and I shall make more because I can import them into iMovie and that really does open up options.


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