I have a plan

telligamiNothing like a full on, steam rising off keyboard session of #aussieED PD to get the thoughts and ideas flowing. Last Sunday’s session was whizzing by and the amount of energy created would probably have lit up Sydney for the night. For me, it unblocked at least one area of thought where I was stumped and couldn’t find a way forward. Having done that I magically unlocked a second baffling stuck thought. Conversations work. PLNs are life blood and it’s being with empathetic people of your own kind which help you solve problems and create growth in your thinking. Teachers need time to talk! As we chat on #aussieED a lot of side conversations take place and often these resolve issues for people or , at least, allow them to see a path they can follow. For a year now I have sat and wondered what I’d make a video about as a teacher and then, I had done all that work on podcasts and I can’t think of anything to podcast about. Still can’t. That one may remain a mystery for longer. In the meantime, more and more and more and more information has come out about data retention. Enough to make me not want to put my voice and self online incase they pop up somewhere unexpectedly.Nor do I want anyone trawling through my voice  or videos recordings which I have not published…because, basically, they are mine. There’s another issue, though, and I was not alone in that one. I don’t think I am the right person for a video or a voice recording. Some people are naturals at it and some people can learn it but some things can’t change easily. My voice cannot change. I do not like the sound of my recorded voice. I don’t like how I am on video. I have taught enough students to know that some students are just brilliant at video. Others are brilliant at voice tasks. We all have our shiny bits. So Sarah (@sarahtirtilas) suggested Tellagami to me as a way around this dilemma of mine when we were tweeting out our #aussieED answers. I vaguely remembered Tellagami from my year 8 class last year but the students had favoured Puppet Pals and Sock Puppets so we didn’t pursue Tellagami. I have downloaded the free app and dressed my avatar but got no sound when I was recording. That may change because sometimes apps need to settle in. It may not, but still, I shall pursue this and now know I have a way forward with some aspects of what I could do in terms of a voice and video recording. I can put this into iMovie too and enhance it. As I play with that I now have an idea for something I really could do as a video . Not for French. There are millions of good quality online resources for teaching French . I supplement  these with content movies and animated presentations. No. I am going to do something for English. This where the #aussieED PLN broke my stuck thinking. I was thinking French . I was thinking my own voice. #aussieED asked us to think of good activities we had done before which always worked. As it happens , I have a poetry one. I probably won’t use Tellagami for that, but Tellagami will suit other things and a voice synthesiser is what I need to use if I am not happy with my voice. Toys ot play with and things to do. Happy now.


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