Another reason to blog

authentic relationships Image: The Hedgehog’s Dilemma

I found out last night you can build very genuine relationships with students and their parents if you blog in class. All my year 10s, 11s and 12s have blogs. At parent evening last night I shared these blogs with the parents and immediately the conversations changed. Yes, we had talked about the student’s results and what they could do to overcome the weak spots and gain in performance strength, but when we were looking at the blogs the conversations became very animated , natural and spontaneous. The parents were very positive , helpful and were automatically linking what we had been doing in class to what they knew and what they were going to do or could do. We talked about their trips to France, their experience in shops, what it was like in the snow. All sorts of things on the blogs were sparking conversations and connections and the students themselves were talking very naturally about what we had been doing , the bits that had been hard or fun. We had been talking about performance but the conversations went on to a real discussion about learning so we were all connected in sharing our ideas about how this would work better. It was really good to have my laptop there, to be able to display a blog and then see that was engaging everyone in positive ideas about authentic learning. The ideas coming up were making us so positive and now I know that is something I now ought to build into my blogging – a connection with parents. The students could see that too. They could see their parents were impressed with their blogs and were really enjoying seeing what they had done. It was making me think we need to have an electronic space where we share examples of work so that students and parents can see what is happening but also so that students can see what a good electronic version of a piece of work looks like. Judging by the conversations I had last night it would then create a growth mindset so all those task ideas would grow into something bigger and better…and very genuine.


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