Year 10 blogs ahoy

Cours du vendrediWell, it is not quite so easy getting all year 10s engaged with their blogs as it is with senior students. I am currently relying on the snowball effect and am trying to avoid any kind of deficit model. That will not be sustainable past the middle of the term or there will be too much for students to catch up. We’ll see. Teachers are , by nature, very methodical and systematic and that is what wins the day with blogging in my experience. It is a high level skill and students can’t just do it. They have to learn with one little bit at a time. The year 11s and 12s are going really well and the year 12s in particular are making good ground because they had their blogs last year as well. Blogging adds so much to their literacy and linguistic skills. The fact we are up and running with the year 10 blogs is a positive. The fact that so many of them have done so much good work and their blogs are starting to get a voice and style of their own is great. We are using our blogs:

1. To fill in learning gaps
2. To consolidate in class learning
3. To learn new skills
4. To tackle something we find challenging
5. To build a good online presence
6. To extend our learning
7. To take responsibility for our learning
8. To persist
9. To be independent learners
10. To have a voice and be heard

All the year 10s have something on their blogs . A few are still thinking that it is something they can avoid or choose not to do. In terms of consolidating and extending their learning a blog will show them just how much they can grow and learn. It is evidence they can interpret and present quality information and content. It is also evidence they can make connections, follow instructions and take control of their learning. My year 10s have a lesson a week at the moment to do their blogs. This lesson is actually supervised by a Japanese teacher so I have built in an opportunity for them to make tiny steps in learning yet another language. Create a multilingual approach. It will take them the term to get comfortable and then we can move on. You have to grow in order to blossom. I have created a task sheet which they follow each week and it is interesting to see which students can accomplish everything on their blogs. It provides evidence of what they can do in an hour and for most of them it is something they are enjoying. By the end of term I am hoping I can tell you they are all making progress in their personalised learning. The early weeks are hard but , if they follow the same pattern as the year 11s and 12s , they will soon get into a comfort zone. I have discovered with blogging that some students fight it because it is totally new ground and they are used to being very comfortable in their learning. As they grow older , do you let them stay that way or do you offer them some real challenges? My year 12s are really comfortable now and have a lot of confidence. A year of blogging has shown them just how much it can support them as a learner.

If you want to see my Friday worksheet for the year 10s, you are welcome to download it .


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