Why should teachers blog?

Why teachers should blogI have to say I find it very odd coming here to tell you why teachers should blog when I have seriously blogged as a teacher for 8 years and cannot believe how much it has added to me and my classroom. I have had teachers tell me they wouldn’t blog because their things are their things and they wouldn’t want to share them. I have never known what to say other than I see it quite differently and I do. I do because I blog. Everything I think and do with regard to teaching is blogged. I laugh when I find myself going through a school day and wondering if something is blogworthy or not. I walk around school with a whole global network behind me and  know  that while I am teaching this network is busy connecting with what I have said or done so I can move to the next stage. My blogs have been an invaluable safeguard in a technological approach to ensure my work is backed up and preserved. I can’t always rely on my device or computer to come up with the goods. I also know if I ever left everything at home my resources are there on the net and I just have to borrow a device or do without and get students to use theirs. I am not lugging folders around, I am not searching through endless bits of paper and filing cabinets to find the thing for my lesson. It has been part of my plan to create a paperless classroom because I am so sick of clutter and killing trees. When I share everything I say or do I get a lot of reaction and feedback. Facebook is one of the places which shares my blog posts the most and yet I do not connect my Facebook account to my blogs. I advertise my blogs through Twitter always and LinkedIn and Pinterest sometimes. I discovered Pinterest because of blogging. How could I have missed it? It is a brilliant classroom resource. I blog about content and know that so much better because I have been blogging. I have a much deeper appreciation of my subject matter because others have come in and joined me and offered me pathways and resources.One of my blogs started initially because a student teacher told me there was nowhere to find good resources for French like the ones I had. My French blog is for me , my students and equally serves the purpose of getting others to find good quality resources for teaching French.  I  also blog about what I am required to do by way of professional standards and requirements. I look at these things in blog posts. I understand what the requirements and expectations are far better because I have deconstructed them in blog posts and used them as teaching challenges. There is this constant flow of energy and ideas because I blog. One thing leads to another. One link leads to another. One visitor leads to another. It grows exponentially and my journey goes and grows so that I constantly find myself enthused and  invigorated. I am never at a loss. Never thwarted . Never frustrated. I can blog all about it and writing is very therapeutic. When you are aware there is a global audience it forces you to be less flouncy and more pragmatic in your approach and I have found the web has always resolved my issues when I find I cannot push through them myself. I share and get so much more back. It means , as a teacher, I am constantly refreshed and enthused. I am connected with other teachers, professionals and experts from all over the world and the richness of their thoughts and ideas comes to me because I blog. I can then take all of that magic into my classroom. Why wouldn’t you blog?

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