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I didn’t want you to read my blog post anyway! Had I not been blogging for so long I’d maybe get worried that there seems to be a lot of comment about people have such an appalling attention span, they cannot even read a blog post. You get the impression that people are skating across the Net like lizards race across tall grass. lizard Not in my back garden. They just hang about in the sun. That’s the point. Make your blog worthwhile and then people will read it. Make your posts about what people need and want and they will read them. More importantly, blog for yourself. My blogs are there not only to help others, they are there to help me. They are my classroom back up, my knowledge back up, my interests back up. When people talk to me about something, I can invariably point them to a blog post these days or I can write one specifically for them and then email the link. It is about sharing what you know with whom you know and it comes back to you in followers, likes, comments and feedback. Farhad Manjoo has written a very funny and readable post at Slate about what happens to your posts when people are reading it. He backs it up with current information about reader patterns. I didn’t read it because I needed the information. I read it because ,as he wrote , he could show you how your readership was reacting according to the data he had. There is an article here on reviewzntips about why people don’t finish articles. As a classroom teacher one of the first things I teach my year 8 and 9 students is not to slide, pull , push, bang, flick, tap, click at a hundred km an hour and just fly around the screen of an iPad or laptop. Students often behave like this ,as do lizards ,just skating around everywhere. My job is to slow students down so they actually take in information and then use their lightning keyboard and screen skills in  planned research or activity challenges which are timed. They love the adrenalin rush of that and they love being on a mission but to really learn they need to slow down and take in information. Often they will do things too fast because that way they stay awake. Too many of them are too tired during the day and they have their coping skills for that. read my postThe video gives some really good tips for creating readable posts. Matt is very easy to follow and very positive in his approach. SocialMediaMonitors also has some good tips about how to write killer blog posts. Don’t focus on who is reading how much. Focus on connecting with others. Talk to them and then share your information wherever you can. You will build up followers and they will read your posts. Not everyone because your post isn’t what they are looking for. Plenty will stop by your blog and read. They will!

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confucius It was an interesting exercise to look at the teacher quotes and decide which one represented me. In the end, I decided on this one from Confucius because I have never thought that as a teacher I am telling my students all there is to know. I am sharing what I know with them so that they can add to what I have offered them and make it grow from their own perspective. BestTeacherQuotes has a selection of printable quotes which you can use for your own purposes. Which one is you?

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