ORID feedback gets thumbs up

thumbs-upThe ORID feedback format I blogged about the other day surpassed my expectations with what actually came back as feedback. We finished seeing the presentations about ourselves in French which we had created on our new MacBooks in Year 9. We had learned how to present ourselves, we had tried our best to learn how to make Powerpoint, KeyNote and iMovies. This was the first big assignment on our MacBooks. I wanted to get the class to decide as a whole what WE could focus on to make our presentations better next time. We used the ORID format on Twiducate for the responses and students warmed to that immediately. We then used that feedback to come up with the top 5 learning gaps we needed to fill. Here are some examples of how the feedbck went so you can see how specific it is:

O: I really liked each presentation that had music. I liked them because each song was different and it made it easier to focus on the presentations with music. I remember the photos/pictures being really effective. R+: I think Anna’s presentation was really good because of the effects she used with the writing. I liked Sarah’s presentation because she made a movie, and she used videos in her presentation. I also liked the presentations that had effects because it was more entertaining then just watching the same thing over and over. I also liked that everyone’s presentation was really different.It showed that we are all creative in different ways. R-: I found it was harder to concentrate on the presentations that didn’t have music than the presentations with music. I found that some presentations were very similar to others which made it somewhat harder to focus after 3 or 4 people. I: Headline: Learning about our classmates. Making this presentation has helped me with my French and I have learnt more about everyone in the class. D: I would ask for help with putting music on the slideshow and I would motivate myself to use my time better.

1.O~ the presentations were very different , some of the music didn’t work in people’s presentations but they were all unique and special. The French music was exquisite and had the slides were colourful and bright. 2.R+~ i liked it how people used different programs like: keynote, powerpoint and imovie. Also how different people are in this class and how we got to see what they like doing and also about their family. 3.R-~ some bad things about the presentations were that people were not prepared and some people’s slides were hard to read and some pictures were blurry. Also the music didn’t work for some 4.I- I have learnt about what people like doing and also how to use imovie and powerpoint and what special effects they offer. I enjoyed the presentations very much and got to see how creative people are in this class. It was great fun and I am very keen and excited to see what everyone’s Paris presentations are going o be like! 5.D- I think our class could improve their presentation by being more creative and being more organised plus learning maybe how to use keynote, powerpoint and imovie better to make our Paris project AMAZING!!!!!

O All the presentations had colourful images, original text designs and each were very visually appealing. R+ The positive things about the assignment were how each person took the assignment in a different direction, and how we were able to book in, giving us further commitment. R- The negative things about the assignment were the lack of music on many presentations (due mostly to not understanding how to add music) and how some designs were very plain, simple and boring. I The presentations were high-quality and were extremely good. I learned how to use some basic introductory lines in French, which will help me in the future if I decide to visit France. D Next time I will make sure to get the information and music done in alternating times, to make time for asking questions about things I may not understand how to use (music).

ORID encourages detailed feedback , as you can see. It means you and your students are able to hone in better on what needs to be changed or embellished. Once the students had put their feedback up I got them to “like” the comments of 2 other students, comment one other student’s comment and comment on the feedback  of the person whose presentation they had really liked. When we looked at finding the 5 things we would improve for next time it was just so easy! They loved writing the headline which is part of the feedback. “Amazing Year 9 French Presentations you have to see to believe”


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