PowToon review

web app reviews I am so impressed with PowToon I am going to work on it until I get really good at it. I know the students will love it. I need to use it a bit more first so I can see what it can do and then I shall allow the students to try it out. There is a really good review of it  with videos on the Web App review site. Web App review is dedicated to bringing useful and helpful reviews of educational apps and extensions for Chrome. PowToon will work in any browser , though. I have been using Firefox. It is always good to find a site which gives you real information. I started playing with PowToon last night and it is easy to manipulate but it will take a while to ensure the final product is really good. It is a matter of being really familiar with software. I always start with something I want to teach in class. I find it easier if I am problem solving and purpose building. I am going to teach pronouns with it. I plan to show whatever I have done on Friday. It may or may not be a good product to show. The thing is, if you are working with your students as partners in learning you can choose two tracks. You can go in as the clever role model and show them what you can do and then what they can aim for, or you can go in with a semi baked idea and work with them to complete the process. It depends what you are trying to achieve. In this instance , I want them to have a chance to be familiar with PowToon but I also want them to learn pronouns. We started that on Tuesday and I was teaching them to present their own learning material in a visual way. We were putting in speech bubbles and arrows and other visual text boxes to get them to understand the function of direct object pronouns and the part they play in sentence construction. They were picking it up quickly so I need to capitalise on this. They have had a 10 minute PowToon look and see so now I can go back with my plan. If I present them with my own clever PowToon on direct object pronouns they will go one better. If I take in my half baked one because I haven’t had time to finish it, it will be presented as a work in progress and “a bit of an idea” so we can grow the whole idea together. I want them to create their own little teaching video on direct object pronouns. It will consolidate our learning and using PowToon means they will really have to think of what they are doing linguistically as they create their animation. I’ll use the link I have here the the Web App Review site because it gives a clear set of instructions for start up. We shall also have to spend 10 minutes finding and sharing the direct object pronoun sites on the Net so they can use that research as well as our class and book work. Since this is new, I shall be monitoring whether they can learn this way. I am confident they can or I wouldn’t try it and these students make a really genuine effort to get the best out of their laptop learning.


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