Meet my new smart phone

Samsung Galaxy Express My Samsung Galaxy Express GT-18730 , running on Android 4.1.2, is now well-behaved enough to allow me to introduce it properly. When I blogged about it last , it was a very naughty phone. That was 3 weeks ago and since then it has been to the school for fine living skills and dignity and decorum for phones. It can now participate well in my life and I have come to like it quite a bit. I can use the touch keyboard easily and that it a real plus because I am impressively inadequate on a touch keyboard. It is exceptionally fast on the Net. Faster than my 7″ Samsung tablet and iPad. It really is fast but that is also when it tends to get a bit excitable and wants to show me things or play. We have learned to live with each other on that score because it is pretty responsive. It also comes with a wide choice of apps from Samsung and Google Play. I have really found it easy to find my favourite apps and more besides. I use Advanced System Care mobile to keep it running well and under control. That was a tip from a friend. It’s free. I have always used it on my Windows computers too because it is a very good programme. In some of the reviews I have read of the phone, it has regularly mentioned poorer screen quality than other phones. Cannot see it myself. One of the things which is striking about the phone is how clear and life-like the images are and the image apps I have to edit and enhance photos work well on this phone. So now, I am happy with it and no longer think it’s a pain. I love the window blinds which you can pull down to get the extra information. Very effective and very non intrusive. It also updates easily and keeps me informed about what it is doing. The calendar and time functions are more than that and offer some good features which are easy to put in place. The sound quality is excellent and very clear and the sound effects can be quite amusing. Some of the original frustration had been my learning how to manage a smart phone but a lot of it was  presumptive use of the mobile network by things like Google trying to tell me what I want to do now. I switched the phone to a 4G network not long after I got it and that certainly made it happier. I still have the problem of it knocking out the wi-fi on my Windows 7 laptop if I am using that. It does not happen on any other OS and I just cannot get to the bottom of it. I still have my phone running with the mobile data off and only put that on, which is really quick, when I want to use it. It just cannot be trusted. I also went through my apps and changed settings where I could to ensure they only updated over wi-fi. The unfortunate thing is that some apps don’t give you an option and the phone itself does not have a blanket Update only over wi-fi option. I can now say it has been a good addition to my life and the fact I haven’t run back to my qwerty keyboard phones in desperation tells you I have stopped being a qwerty keyboard die-hard and can now easily use the touch screen on this phone. I don’t even need a stylus!

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  2. […] out and then move slowly to another model, in my own time, when I feel like it. I have upgraded my Samsung Galaxy Express ,which I came to really appreciate, to a Samsung Galaxy S5. The Express was getting too slow and […]

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