Plan lessons and units of work with Storify

au cafeI have found Storify to be helpful in enabling me to create logical sets of resources for lessons or units of work. My year 8s (beginners) have just done a café conversation from our text book. The students did well but it wasn’t very exciting. I was thinking I should find some good resources, spend a couple of lessons making their vocabulary and knowledge of appropriate and useful expressions more authentic and then try them on another conversation. I might even get the iPads out and let them try one of the apps or just make a podcast we can listen to. Ordering food and drink in a language you are not familiar with can be exhausting. This way I shall know they will have a good capacity to survive in a French/Francophone environment but this extra work will help them to see it’s worth the effort to put in a bit more work on something you are familiar with. To that end I have just built another storify called au café where I have text and video resources neatly organised on that theme. The one I did on fashion which I blogged about earlier has been very successful on Storify. I am helping myself but helping others at the same time. Doesn’t get better than that!

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