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Fotor app

Fotor app

Friday’s double with 29 year 9s learning French ended up being a real journey of discovery. We were all happy and so much the wiser. It’s a 2 hour lesson and I plan the lessons carefully to ensure the boundaries are kept or we can easily get off track in that time. These are students who love to know, want to know and will do anything to improve their technology as well as their French. They just love learning and so when the learning gaps occur we fill them in as a team effort. The lesson had been designed as a catch up lesson because a number had had some big music commitments, some had had a nasty flu virus and others had been away overseas with their parents. I had put up our to do list so I could manage individual marks gaps one at a time to ensure they had genuinely missed the work. The second thing on our list for the others to be doing was to post their pretend Facebook meme picture into Twiducate. “I can’t post my picture!” “How do you put a picture on Twiducate?” I stopped what I was doing and logged into Twiducate and found the picture I had made in Fotor. I slid it into Twiducate and they went “Oh!” So I got back to my student. “We can’t do that. It won’t slide!” I asked them if their picture was too big and took 2 minutes to show them again how to resize an image. “Oh!” It was quiet for a bit. “It still won’t drag and drop!” This time I said I really had to help the students who needed my help and they could leave it or try to find a solution. A few minutes later there was an “I’ve done it!” Okay, come and show the others how you did it.” He had pasted his image into a Powerpoint slide, copied it and then pasted it into Twiducate. That is thinking outside the square!! They were happy. When I had finished with the student I had been working with , I got ” How did you make that picture you put into Twiducate?” This is not the first time I have been asked about photo montages that I have made. I took them to the Fotor and quickly showed them. There was silence and they were busy finding it for themselves. One boy said , “There’s an app for that in the Mac Store! It’s better with the app.” There were lots of nods and mmms.  I went to the MacStore and downloaded the free app and showed them. It is better. It is so clear on the MacBook and works well. I dare say a number of them went home to download it because they too liked what they saw. We all like apps. Cloud computing isn’t really what we want. There is just something about apps. Fotor is available for all platforms and devices which makes it even more appealing. Tout est bien qui finit bien!

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