inpiration Image : WriteRight Successful blogging requires regular posts. Posting regularly is a habit. It is not every day that you feel inspired and some days you just don’t know what to write. On those days you can put up a video clip or an image with a short comment and leave it at that. There are things that work, though, to help you create good content on a regular basis.

1. Share experience. Oddly enough it shows up really easily on the web if the person writing the content is not experienced at or has not experienced what they are sharing. There is a hollow ring in cyberspace. Make your posts real. Share what you are really doing or really thinking. Use your daily experiences as a means to help you create good posts.

2. Look around the web. No, not so you can copy other people’s ideas but so their ideas and content will drive you to write something of your own. We have all read the same content a dozen times. Replicating content serves no useful purpose. It is nice to read something fresh and genuine. As you browse the internet, something will occur to you. You might even experience that excitement of being truly inspired and that will keep you going for a while. Look at things you wouldn’t ordinarily look at. Force your mind to take on new thoughts and ideas and then you will come back to the familiar ground on your blog with your own, revamped way of looking at things.

3. Explore around content. Using a mind map , graphic organiser or thesaurus will help you expand content you are dealing with. Maybe I have written a blog post about slide presentations. That can be reworked in lots of different ways from the technical aspects of making them look really good to the graphic design to how to set up a really good slide. Anything can branch out into other ideas and posts.

4. Listen to others. I often write blog posts on this blog because others don’t know something or they don’t know how to do something. I can also get feedback on posts which suggests something else I can look at or someone will read a post and remind me there is something else I could consider. Others can offer a wealth of inspiration just because they are there and they are part of your life.

5. Write your ideas down. It also means bookmarking the sites which have given you lift off. I sometimes forget something really good I could have written about because I don’t do the obvious thing of making at note. It’s the reason for this post now. I have lost a really good idea because I didn’t bookmark the site which had inspired me to think about something to do with technology quite differently. My loss. Blog post and note to self now complete!

2 Responses

  1. Cathy- great posts. I would say the title of the post could also be where ideas come from? I liked your covering of different sources and channels of information. But, as you outlined, unless we use our five senses and get inspired by the experiences of others only shallow ideas shall come by.

    • True. We have to work at inspiration and we can’t just sit there and expect it to come. Nor should we fear going out to seek it. Thank you for your comment. Words and playing with words can be inspirational. You are right on that score.

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