iPads help you learn better


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I wrote earlier about the coolness of iPads since I had decided to use them to fill in the gap while we were waiting for the laptop rollout. Students reviewed the experience and basically their comments were like these:

How do iPads help you learn French :

1. They help my French by giving me access to the internet so I can look up stuff. The translators are useful if you need to find out how to say something. It was also really fun and something different compared with just writing in our books then speaking to the class. It was also good to hear ourselves to pick up on mistakes we had made.

2. The iPads are exciting and you focus more on the French because you want to use the iPads. I found I finished work quicker and it was right. I learn better when I can touch, feel, play with things so I enjoy using the iPads because I learn faster and understand .

3. They are fun to use which makes us more enthusiastic to learn. I love all the different things you could do on the apps.

4. The recording on the iPads help us with our pronunciation because we practise the conversaton over and over again. It was different. Everyone’s conversations were different and creative so it was more interesting and easier to pay attention.

The translators are something I have to teach them not to use since there are better and more reliable apps for learners on the iPad, but all in all students have summed up well the value of iPads in class.

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