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online professional network At the end of March last year I blogged about my Professional Network and was surprised with how complex it was now since I had branched out into being a connected teacher. I am lucky to have so much valuable input both inline, online and offline!! I had been thinking about how this had changed so I  looked at that presentation again. As I reviewed my online professional network I became aware of how much that had changed in a year. My blogs constantly force me to think about what I am doing professionally. To keep blogging, though, I have to have input and that often comes from my online connections, either because I want to share or because I want to follow something up. My Facebook feed now has a number of pages which keep me on the ball professionally. This is also the role Tweet Deck fills. TweetDeck runs my Twitter feed but as TweetDeck you can customise it to run one or more hashtags so you can get up to date information, participate in discussions or simply look for trends and ideas. The TweetDeck timeline also has random input from people other than those I follow. Initially I did not like that change but now feel that it sometimes offers a new look at things from other perspectives and does so out of the blue, so there is a fun aspect to it. Pinterest has also become very quickly one of the corner stones of my online professional development. I can share and gather resources, I can look up theory and practice. It is a rich resource. SlideShare is a community I have long valued since it has improved my presentation skills,  allows me to connect with other tertiary educated people, has a wealth of knowledge to access and provides some good challenges and encouragement. I ought to be able to include LinkedIn but I am finding it difficult to get traction. One of the reasons is you need to have email addresses to connect so if I don’t know them I cannot send out the emails and I am not paying for Inboxing on a site which has, as yet, to prove its worth in my life. Other communities I belong to are easier to connect with and develop in a strong way. In this last year I have also made good use of my iPad apps. There are a number which bring me good information or help me to think things out. The iPad has a solid place in my professional life. It makes it very easy to engage with what I want to engage with or it brings me material to consider which I might not otherwise see. This is often courtesy of TeacherCast or FlipBoard. It is quite remarkable how quickly online communities and resources have contributed to my knowledge and development .If it can change this much in a year I am certainly looking forward to the next level of learning.


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  1. Hi Cathy, this is a formidable post as it is based on your experience. I like the part on TweetDeck and I agree with all what you said. Your blog is firming its position as a reliable source of knowledge.

    • I’d like to think this blog is reliable knowledge. I don’t blog about what I haven’t done myself or used myself and if it’s a “wish” then I make that clear. I appreciate your encouragement. The new TweetDeck was a bit annoying because of the random input into the timeline but now, as I have said, I find that quite useful sometimes. I guess the same applies to your latest slide presentation. That is one of the most powerful presentations you have shared and it is because you had experienced and worked through what you were presenting. Says something about real life experience! Maybe it really is the best teacher.

  2. Great Cathy, so what do you think of the one I uploaded late yesterday? Your comment counts

    • I didn’t see it. So hard to find things on Slideshare because the feed can get spammed by one person liking everybody or whatever. I’ll go and look for it.

  3. […] reflect on it. I have done a lot of reflecting around the TfEL and have reflected before about my PLN. That presentation needs to be updated since my network has changed and expanded. So what do I […]

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