Uses for hand held spellchecker

Collins spellchecker This is what happens when you are lost in the email black hole for over an hour – you start asking colleagues about what they are doing just to break the monotone. The teacher next to me had this hand held spellchecker. She said students who couldn’t spell very well in her class could use it to start spelling the word and then get the correct version. She showed me. Much faster than a paper dictionary. At $19 so much cheaper too – and not a tree cut down. All round win for sustainability and sanity I’d say. She went on to say she has a Japanese one which she uses when she is in Japan because it is so easy to get the right word quickly. I was asking about French. These electronic spellcheckers would be so good for the year 8s who don’t have laptops. Some thing like this is cheap, easy, portable, pocketable, has no need for infrastructure and yet appears to work hard to fill in learning gaps. Well worth exploring. Hope they are not considered “old school” even though the teacher who showed it to me is young. Hand held devices are becoming a bit scarce. In terms of their environmental and social justice contributions, they should be maintained.

2 thoughts on “Uses for hand held spellchecker

    • I am certainly going to look into it. Having a dictionary (and it’s actually more than that) in your pocket at such a cheap price which is always available and not using up resources is such a good idea. Thank you for your comment.

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