Windows8 -get rid of the purple bits

Windows 8 install Well, that was fun. Windows 8 does not make it easy but then again, I am not sure I chose an easy path. No-one has been very excited about Windows 8 so I didn’t run out and get it like I normally do with the new Windows upgrades. Not even the super cheap price could encourage me I needed it. Every image I saw put me off and no-one was enthralled. This morning I thought I’d give the Windows transformation pack a whirl. There is a review of it here. I crashed my computer about 4 times trying to get it to run nicely so I could see if I wanted Windows 8. That ought to have put me off, but it didn’t. Windows transformation packI liked what I saw apart from the hideous purple. Looked gross. I don’t do purple on my computer. I loved the interactive interface, the live streaming of the weather, news updates, my pictures and what not. It was cool. I could get to my desktop and then it crashed again. I didn’t bother looking too hard for the reasons but I suspect the antivirus and then my enthusiasm to get going. I should have turned the antivirus off and I should have waited long enough for nextgen.exe to do whatever it was doing. So if you load the transformation pack turn off Defender and your antivirus and let nextgen do its thing and then turn the programmes back on again. Alternatively – load Win 8. I just went to the shop and got it. I wanted the disc. I thought the packaging showed some inspiration and I think the idea of the registration key being on a card is a great move. metro interface I started installing and as you can see from the first picture Windows 8 wanted to uninstall and remove my network drivers. Charming. Didn’t say if it was going to install new ones. Said nothing – just uninstall the drivers or we cannot proceed. I uninstalled the drivers and proceeded waiting for it all to fall apart when I wanted to go on the Net. It was fine, though. The new drivers were installed after the longest, most boring install ever. I managed to achieve such a lot in the time it took to install. The metro tile interface is the whole start menu. The screen is the start menu. You can easily go to the desktop from there. When you are on the desktop you have to use top right corner of the screen as the hotspot to get back to the start menu (metro) screen. So far I have worked out programmes are called apps and you can put the apps on the start screen with a right click. I can seem to run Win 8 traditionally as such or go for the amazing visuals – and I mean amazing . It really does come up trumps with the graphic interface and image presentation. So, after an hour – I am happy. More to come! If you want to get Windows 8, do it now, because the price goes back to normal in February.


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