Hurt your head with learning

bonjour filmMy apologies to yesterday’s post readers for the shocking spelling. I had failed to check and correct. Why? I am head deep in my new video learning. It is very distracting and very absorbing. A teacher should never forget how to learn and I make a point of trying new things so I am always aware of how it feels to be a learner. You become aware of the issues, the problems, the behaviours…and the excitement. There are so many benefits to high level learning . The down side is you do not pay due care to routine tasks. You just want to get on with what you are doing. I wrote in an earlier post I would try to make some teaching task videos for students this year and make that my priority. Powerpoint will always make a video. You simply save it as a Windows Media File. Windows used to have a programme called Movie Maker . It was easy and I used it a lot.They no longer offer it. I found my old copy of Video Impression 2 and it is quite straight forward but it is all old format. Sound has to be wav files, for instance. It’s a handy little programme , though. So I went shopping. I bought Pinnacle Studio, Movie Studio Platinum and Corel Video Studio. In an afternoon I made a good video with Corel Studio and it offers pre-formats so it’s a handy piece of software. I am pleased with the results . Pinnacle Studio comes with tutorials and I have yet to do those, but it looks similar to iMovie and I am very familiar and happy with the ease of use of iMovie. I looked at Movie Studio Platinum and had one of those OMG this is Twitter and Facebook status worthy moments. I showed restraint and neither tweeted nor updated my status. Movie Studio Platinum is complex, high level, demanding and so I jumped in at the deep end. I am always telling my students that quick learning is not necessarily the best for brain development and real learning. You need easy tools and approaches but you also have to stretch that brain and make it work. Hurt your head with learning. So two days into it and I am still learning how to put a movie together in Movie Studio. There are tutorials but I just wanted to make something. It is how I learn. I have had to pay attention, use help files, READ the screen and instructions. I am making progress and will continue to do so. I will learn so much about making videos as I work with this software but it is not short term quick reward. It takes all my concentration and it is really giving my brain and skills a work out. My desktop is trashed. There are so many files you need to make a video. They have to stay where they are until they are packaged. I should have collected them all first but I wasn’t totally sure of how I was going to do this particular project. I am at the stage where it won’t take me long now to finish it. It will teach beginners of French basic vocabulary and conversation. You see, a premade film isn’t available. I need video and teaching content which suits my students , my country and the course we use. A teacher has to make those sorts of decisions so they need to challenge themselves. They are then in a position to better advise what is required in terms of technology in a classroom.

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  1. […] didn’t have to hurt my head so much with Pinnacle Studio. It is mid way between Corel Video Studio and Movie Studio Platinum […]

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