Thank heaven for technicians

Thank heaven for technicians No, I can’t fix it all myself. I’m pretty good and pretty confident and pretty knowledgeable but I don’t know it all, can’t fix it all , cannot make it all work. It sometimes means the problem is out of my control. It sometimes means I have overlooked the obvious. The best lesson technicians teach you is not to flap. Just be logical. Don’t waste hot air. Just look . Think. They teach you to act and not react. To think and not be silly. In the last 3 weeks I have had a lot to do with technicians and their capacity to just deal with the issue, to focus on the facts and to get things in order is impressive. They think systematically, methodically and cleanly. They make you read messages, check connections, look for authentication. I have been caught out with that lately. Failing to authenticate. I try to do something at home or at work and if I am not authenticated , it is not going to happen. At home I get a prompt. At work there is invisibility so if you have a cluttered mind you sometimes forget to authenticate before you do. Authentication is good! You need to be registered with the network. Makes sense. Why is it so hard to remember?! So, this post is by way of thank you to the technicians!

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  1. […] find my mini external drive to transfer the Time Machine back ups of my white MacBook. Thank heaven for technicians. They know where to find utilities and they are online! I worked out the MacBook Pro would read my […]

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