Flipped Classroom

So what is a flipped classroom? I kept reading about it on the #edchat Twitter stream from American teachers. Sounded intriguing and sounded interesting. It was also sounding successful. The TechSmith explains it quite well and offers link to further information. Jackie Gerstein goes to a lot of trouble on her blog to clarify it and she offers a wealth of implementation support and explanation. Basically you set the homework of a video/podcast of your content and then use class time to explore this in a more meaningful and personal way with students. You could even do it for staff and faculty meetings – make a video of your content, get your staff to create and develop ideas as they are watching and then use the meeting time to discuss issues. You would need to develop questions sheets, feed back sheets or something like that so you could make best use of your real time with real people. It’s worth considering given students and staff have online access at home by and large. You’d have to look at any equity issues. It might mean my iPad would get better use at school instead of just sitting on my desk. There are lots of things I could share with students that way. Given our school has specialist commitments to music and volleyball I am not sure how we could ensure that all staff and students would be able to watch the material at home on a regular basis. It’s certainly worth considering as an option and then looking at how I could make use of a flipped classroom and when.


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  1. Sally, you flipped my mind with this sounding post. It shows a terrific example of reverse thinking in generating creative ideas. I love this post

  2. Please check out the newest fire suppression software- any help is appreciated!


    • Your comment doesn’t really match my post but your blog is interesting and worth a look. I enjoyed reading what you had to say. Thank you for dropping by.

      • Sorry about that- really focused on getting my dads program noticed that I forgot to actually comment lol! This flipped classroom idea is genius to me. I think it is really a good strategy to make a video of the information you want to discuss first and then using the class time to discuss issues with it. I think this allows for each person to encounter their own issue or comment and discuss it without having to struggle on their own. Sorry again! I did in fact read your post I just had tunnel vision for the moment.

      • I agree your father’s programme is very ingenious but it has the potential to save lives so then it is very worthwhile. I hope people will ready your blog and notice your post but Facebookand Twitter are good ways to attract attention to something like that by linking your post to the social networks. Your blog really is a good read . Your comment this time is really helpful and shows some real insight into how a flipped classroom could be enormously helpful in helping students to learn.

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