Backing up the back up of the back up

DropboxI lost all my Macbook data. All my TimeMachine backups, my other files from the Macbook backups. My little pocket drive which had been my best friend for a year could not be accessed from my Macbook.  Nothing. Nowhere to be found and not even the technicians at work or the shop could access it. This was the second external drive in as many months! My other external drive was 11 years old and eventually was going to give but someone worked out the pins of the connector cord were bent so I got a new one and my old drive is back in business. The shop replaced my external  pocket drive with a new one of a different make because it was under warranty and I did not want the same brand.  I was grateful for that but all my Macbook back ups were gone. Fortunately I store resources online, on flash drives and on other computers so I did have copies of most of what I needed.  The problem for me now though is what am I going to use for reliable back ups? If you are reliant on technology to deliver curriculum then the resources need to be rock solid and available. I have realised there is no reliable way to back things up. I am just going to have to back up the back ups of the back ups and make sure I have multiple copies of key materials stored in different places. One of our technicians suggested Dropbox so I have downloaded it to my Win 7 PC, to Linux Mint and now to my Macbook. I have yet to try the iPad and iPod Touch and even my Telefunken TEL7J. You get 2 gigabytes of free storage and then pay if you want more. Online storage means you have to have internet access but it is another spot to back up files. Dropbox co ordinates across my devices and even tells me  there are new files added when I access a different device. it means I can have access to key files no matter where I am as long as I have internet access. Backing up is now problematic and ought not be in a world reliant on technology. I guess there will be a way out eventually because it is only recently it has become a problem.  I am also thinking education departments need to think about creating online storage for teachers so we have a safe, reliable place to store our resources which are now how we teach. There are some files I would not store just anywhere.


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