Blog Challenge #1 – add alt text

alt text When you add a picture to your blog post it is important to add the alternative text. Really important.

1. It helps with search engine optimisation.
2. It helps with assistive technologies if readers are vision impaired.
3. The spiders which crawl the web for information cannot see pictures. They read text. I don’t know if that is the case with real spiders!
4. If the web server cannot publish or show the pictures for any reason your text will still be there to alert readers to the fact you have an image.
5. You text might not be found but the alt text might be found and bring readers to your post.

Alt text is a safeguard and an optimization strategy.

4 thoughts on “Blog Challenge #1 – add alt text

    • I have actually written this post for the teachers I taught blogging to in a workshop last week. We had a special tech skills conference day and it was really good and I was running a blogging workshop. They said they wanted me to set them challenges. I like that kind of two way teaching and learning. Thank you for your kind words.

    • It’s true, they can do and unfortunately they are mostly not approved by education authorities for secondary students. There are some valid reasons for this but there needs to be more exploration and debate – sounds like another post! Storify is really handy because you can gather resources both print and visual, add your own information and then come up with something very pertinent and useful in terms of education and teaching others. As you have done, it is also a platform for gathering your own various internet outputs as well. I put a storify about why learn French on my French blog because you can link it straight onto a blog. I have had to take it off the front page because it was slowing the load time. Eventually they will work that out but it is such a good idea!

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