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ooa rev's art oo rev’s LifeArt is a wonderful example of how you put together a blog and then link it to your other sites on the internet so that you offer a full and rich media experience for people. This person obviously has talent and the blog focuses on the exploration and showcasing of their art skills. From the blog you can then go to ooAmerica and follow the road trip. The author of these sites integrates art, written posts, videos and images to create an environment which educates and informs. It is very 2012 and an excellent example of how you can take content and drive it through the internet and create some really good meaning for others. It is a comprehensive use of talents and skills. It uses both visual and linguistic literacy skills which encompass so many of our curriculum areas. Showing this to students would enable them to see just how much is possible and how our world is changing for the better in its communication strategies . The author then directs you to links to Facebook and Twitter to complete your experience but it also ensures them a wide and varied audience. This in turn makes sure the author gets some good feedback to grow on. I love the educational possibilities of this approach.


Social Media really are here to stay

facebook Social media are not going to go away. They are a part of our lives as cars, boats, planes, trains and washing machines are. Social media are becoming more and more important in shaping our world and like transport there are some considerable impacts to come to terms with. Jeff Bullas site looks at them from a marketing point of view but in lots of ways that is what educators need to do. We need to understand social media and how they operate so that we can provide an educative approach and look at how we can use them for ourselves and ensure our students are able to use social media to their benefit. Jeff Bullas is living proof of what you can do with social media but he is also very easy to read and learn from. This particular post has a lots of really good infographics on social media and what they now mean.

What do Digital Natives need?

Last year I started to make some inroads in getting a much clearer idea of what students who have been brought up on technology need. A computer is as normal to them as a pen and paper would be to older people. They are not print based. They are connected and everything moves and shifts all the time. In the end I connected it to Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and realised their world of connectivity is serving them well in term’s of Bloom’s. It warrants further exploration. What I need to do now is get some sound research on how 2012 students learn and look at it from a Bloom’s Taxonomy perspective. This is just a quick look.

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

bloom's digital taxonomyWhen applying Bloom’s Taxonomy in a technology setting it is good to have an idea of what that looks like. Educational-origami is a wiki space which has already done a lot of thinking along those lines and some of the resources have been translated into Spanish. We are revisiting the new Bloom’s Taxonomy this year at school and need to make it a focus so I am thinking that looking at the digital application of it would be a worthwhile pursuit. The thing which appealed to me the most is the digital technology summary map. It looks at the taxonomy and then applies it in a practical way to the technology possibilities which we could then consider for classroom use. My own personal mission, I think, will be to see how many of those communication skills I can achieve with my students this year. Technology is about communication and the more far reaching and profound the communication the better our local and global connections and collaboration will be. This wiki has a list of global visitors on the side so when you are there looking at it , take note of how many people from how many places have been using this site to help support their classroom teaching and learning. There is so much more to this site than I have mentioned so please take a look for yourselves.

TeacherCast app keeps you fully informed

teachercastTeacherCast is a dynamic hub for teachers. You can find everything you want and need and more. It is lively, informed, interesting helpful and incredibly positive. It adds the coolness factor to education.We know it’s a cool job. Others don’t. TeacherCast has created a lively centre so that you can go there and get real information which will really help you because they know what a real classroom needs. I downloaded the app and can now access all that lovely stuff anywhere. You can access the site from your computer so don’t feel you are being left out. That’s the point. TeacherCast knows we all have our own way of being connected. I love it! It has heaps of resources, discussions, things to ponder, apps reviews…something for everyone. Why am I so excited? You normally get longwinded theories and explanations on teacher sites. You get policies, frameworks, guidelines. Page after page after page. I read it, I use it. I do what you do and take it all in and put it into practice. It’s just nice to have a lively place to go with a bit of a buzz which will make me look at what I am doing from a different perspective.

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