Take a bow , educators!

Top 12 presentations on Slideshare It ‘s not all in vain! For over a year I have blogged my heart out trying to get education on the internet and search engine agenda. When I first started this blog I was dismayed to discover that SEO ranking considered education to be a weak link. Oh really? Since then I have found so many educators who get on Twitter, YouTube, who create blogs, who have organised websites for teachers and education. World wide we are working together to bring education into the 21st Century and to make the online world know what we are doing. We are real teachers in real classrooms who share what we do . By doing this we have strengthened each other and helped each other but, more than that, the world can see what our job actually is. They can see for themselves what we actually do and hear it from the people who do it day in day out, year after year. We have to innovate with technology. We have to find the ways of making it work in a classroom. We have to be there trying to put it all together and keep up with curriculum implementation , performance management and best practice. Education does count. It is important. It is the future. So, I went to my spot on Slideshare and when I looked at the most viewed I finally have 5 slide presentations to do with education in the top 12. Do you know how heartening that is? My Slideshare network has always encouraged me and helped me to learn more and more. They are not all teachers but they are all tertiary educated and some are teachers. These people have helped me make better presentations which I can use in class but I can now also make better presentations which the rest of the world can and has viewed. Education is not a weak link and it is not unimportant. So, finally, I can say, thanks to all my online activity and the encouragement I have received ,that education is starting to count online. Take a bow, teachers.

Top Posts

Top Posts The top posts for this quarter have varied a bit.

1. Network connections on Ubuntu. People were having trouble with mobile broadband on Ubuntu. I got the cheapest Vodaphone stick, set it up on Windows and then could use it on Ubuntu. It relies on RAM and the fact mobile broadband is basically set up for Windows. Once you have your account in place it is very straight forward. The value of dual booting. Worries me there might not be dual booting on Windows 8
2.Current World Disaster and Emergency Map No surprises there. We are all deeply concerned with the way the planet is being wrecked. We all want to know and keep the information straight in our heads.
3.Me TV – Ubuntu 10.04 I have it running on 11.04 and they have updated the interface. It is not quite as reliable as on 10.04 but this post has been a huge success.
4. Use iPad as a second screen This post has been a winner too. People like their iPads and like to be inventive with them.
5.Eject CD on MacBook To think I nearly didn’t post this! I felt so silly when the technician showed me the eject button which had been right in front of my very eyes for over a year. I felt so dumb!! I always figure, though, if I can be that dumb, so can others. We all have our blind spots! You can also reboot the Mac and hold down the left mouse button or trackpad key to try and eject a CD on a Mac if the eject key on the keyboard doesn’t work.

On a weekly basis the education posts do well but they are not holding a top spot in the quarterly stats, so I’ll just keep plugging away. Eventually the internet will get that education counts.

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