E-learning wish list 8

iPadI still really haven’t worked out a 100% sure way of knowing every student is engaged properly on their laptop. I guess I have kept them very busy and changed my tactic so they have to report back on something they are doing or I walk around and help them as I go. They like to come to my desk though. I am pretty used to seeing a student get up and carefully bring their laptop to my desk after they have asked if I will help them. Sometimes it is so quiet but I am generally happy that if I set them absorbing work they like then they will so the right thing. So on with my next wish list.

1. iPads. I want iPads in my classroom. I have been really impressed with how the one I have borrowed has gone to work and made a difference. One iPad can do a lot of work in a classroom. For the class which has no iPads I’d like to have enough so that the class could use them. I have learned how each level has used them and my year 8s would really like to use them to help them do the work I have set and we are doing. They just want to browse the apps. These are Netizens. In my other classes about 5 iPads would be good so the students could do some intensive work on their French. They love the apps and using them to get better at their French. I have also noticed the iPads are good for advancing bright students and helping students who are having difficulties. iPads are very adaptable.
2. Media server. Ever since I saw the programme on media servers I want the school to have one. I want to be able to go to a wall /screen of icons and select the videos, e-text books or files I want to use. If it were developed properly, the whole state, the whole country, the whole world could have icons to choose from which would enable access to hundreds of suitable classroom videos, slide presentations, assignments. No more borrowing . Just like a massive media library for education. Smart TVs are starting to get it, education needs to. Saves paper.
3. Recording booths. I so need recording booths which would buffer sound and enable a private space for recording voice or video.
4. Teachers who can connect with non attenders and reluctant attenders online. We need to be looking at developing a virtual school arrangement so that all students are at school. I hear Los Angeles has a virtual school . I am thinking less of an online school but more of a virtual school with avatars and classes for students who cannot seem to get to a real time school for whatever reason. Bit like our school of the air but a school of the internet!
5. Massive clear out and recycling effort. Get rid of all the old technology. Get rid of all the old papers and books. Get rid of the folders and things we were using which we no longer need. A massive spring clean. I am certain we’d have more space, cleaner work areas and better air!

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