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Jules et la foret d'Halloween Jules et la foret d’Hallowe’en is a cute story app with sound, word and pictures. As a language learner you can hear an authentic speaker and read along with it and look up the words you don’t know in the word reference app or a dictionary app. There is also the Histoires HD app which offers the first story free and then you can purchase others. The stories are well illustrated and read very clearly and well. These sorts of audio visual apps are perfect for improving your comprehension and accent. There are also the Gratis Anglais flashcards which are much more than simple flashcards. They are for French speakers to learn English but they do a wonderful job of teaching English speakers French! Then you can learn french with 7 jours sur la planete from TV5 Monde. You hear short videos of the news and then there are vocabulary and language building exercises. Perfect for more advanced students. The Speak Easy French Lite is a good audio themed language builder for beginners. There are plenty of apps at your level both free and paid.

TeFL Domain 3 Challenge 14

TeFL Domain 3 Challenge 14 Have you helped your students to be lifelong learners? I am fortunate to work in a school with a sizeable international student intake . We also are a school which different sorts of professionals like to visit. It means my students are exposed to students and adults who come from countries where they are automatically are learning a number of languages, get the practice in the languages and then can put those languages to use. I also get visiting exchange students from France and teachers and assistants from French speaking nations. This means our students are always aware that languages are very real and that other people have to try just as hard to learn English and that some people just slide from one language to another . This is our world and this is why we are learning what we are learning. It means our students leave school and many visit other countries and continue to learn languages even if they do not pursue a formal study option. To facilitate fast communication in a world which is rapidly changing then switching from one language to another smooths the way. As I consider each topic with students I do make an effort to show the practical benefits about whatever we are learning. There are linguistic, cultural , global and technology benefits to everything I do in class. If we are practising our French using iMovie I explain how then that can be transferred to other things. It has become part of our discussions. We are looking at how we can make good use of our iPhones and portable gadgets. I have just shown a student how to use KeyNote Remote on her iPhone so she can sync it with her laptop and use that as a script as she videos her home (we are doing house language in French). She was very excited to be able to do that. She had me and a visiting teacher from Noumea to look at her script as well so she is feeling pretty good right now and why not? It means all her hard work has suddenly taken off into a place she could not have imagined.What hse has learned are presentation, communication and information skills for her future life . I had told her how I had used the same approach for the laptop delivery sessions and how I had made my life so much easier that way. When we review our work we look together at how all this can add to their skills base and how it can be used later on down the track. The contextualising of learning is important. It has to be what we used to call in SA a connected conversation. Nothing wrong with that.

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