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iPad paris My e-lesson template for French

I have found it is quite difficult to distil what you do as a teacher on a daily basis in a classroom in order to teach students. This is my best effort and I had to think about how I actually cover topics. it is not as simple as following a format because there is something organic and spontaneous about teaching.

I generally cover two topics a term . Within that I teach vocab, grammar and sentence structure.

First things first:

1. Roll – students have 3-5 sentences to write or a simple exercise while I am doing that.
2. Explain what is in the lesson and what it will do for them
3. Teach content simply with slide show
4. Teach content in a more complex way with slide show
5. Use a short video to reinforce content
6. Do some exercises to practice

Follow up lessons:

1. Exercise to practise what we are learning – whiteboard
2. Ideas and examples about how they can improve – whiteboard
3. Look at the technology involved – whiteboard
4. Set the assignment and explain it
5. Examples of what I want them to achieve – whiteboard
6. Include other short videos which reinforce vocabulary ,content and presentation skills

Follow up lessons:

1. iPad apps to reinforce what we are doing
2. One to one help and tuition
3. Group input about how we can improve
4. One to one help and tuition
5. Specific quick exercises to reinforce and further develop content
6. Leave them alone to work
7. Respond to specific requests for help.
8. Negotiate deadline and presentation requirements


A long term assignment which will practise the skills we are learning in class and then I alternate between an oral and written presentation.


I collect it informally along the way but ask them to report back in writing on Twiducate. I generally ask them questions so that the feedback I get is quite specific.


I create a folder with the short and long term assignments relevant to the topic
I collect the slide shows relevant to the topic
I collect the sound files
I make sure I know which parts of the text book/workbook we are doing each lesson.
I collect videos and video links relevant to the topic and make sure I have book marked video links and created a text file with them.
For students without laptops I make the necessary computer room bookings each week according to our needs
I ensure everyone is comfortable with the technology aspect and spend at least 3 lessons on that.
I bookmark sites which will help them learn and get started or further develop their knowledge
I upload tasks and files to LMS or put in network folder.

Embed YouTube videos into Word

Teacher Experience Exchange has a very clear and well constructed video about how you can put a YouTube video into a Word doc for teaching purposes. The principle is the same for embedding YouTube videos into PowerPoint. It needs to run in Windows since the ones I did would not show on the MacBook in Office. Maybe there is MacBook magic for embedded videos in Mac Office. This is a very handy tip since you don’t have to worry about finding URLs and remembering them. You can put the video you want students to watch straight into the doc or Powerpoint.It also gives you the flexibility of setting some good assignments for study time or homework. Much smoother and more authentic transitions in content delivery! My instructions for Powerpoint are here.

Pay it forward

pay it forward

Teacher Education and 21st Century Skills

I found this video on the Educational Learning and Mobile Technology and it is certainly something we have been thinking about in our school. Teachers are aware there is a big change coming and it might be true as this video points out that society will force us to change. Bit by bit we are going with the change because that is what people do. They have adapted to trains, planes, electricity, fire, phones. Humanity has a great capacity to change. The point this video makes is we have to change the sort of teachers we are because nothing is cut and dried anymore and it is difficult to articulate what exactly it is we are now dealing with and what it is we are preparing our students for. We do have to teach them to think and adapt as we have done ourselves. The more I work with technology in a classroom the less I am concerned with lessons and the more I am concerned with delivering the skills, knowledge and tools students need to create something which will both reinforce and extend their learning. I have become a team leader. I have had to work out ways that students can safely input without taking us too far off task and the set curriculum. We are still teaching to exams and standardised tests.Students can be taught how to contribute validly and purposefully to a team and they like that. They like sharing their knowledge. They like trouble shooting and they like team learning. Then they like to be left alone to get on with the job but be allowed to ask whatever it is they need to do/learn to complete the task. The video gives us a way of thinking about what we need to be doing and how we need to be changing . What is clear is team work really highlights the students who are non contributors who then drift off. There is a risk these students will become underskilled and isolated. We need to create a way of linking those students back in and I think it is the one to one and the one on one which will become increasingly more important, yet that is a very expensive way to deliver education – or is it?

iMovie Tricks

iMovie is very popular with the laptop students. They love learning how it works. There have been some hiccoughs which I’ll deal with in another post, but by and large it has been relatively easy to introduce into lesson as long as I have allowed time for problem solving and one to one learning so they can master the software. Their final products have been really rewarding and student feedback tells me they want to get better and better. This YouTube clips gives some clear instruction on some of the lesser known features of iMovie.


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