TfEL Domain 3 Challenge 1

What have you done to make them curious?Shelley Terrell created and drove the #30Goals for teachers through social media channels. She is a very passionate, dedicated teacher who wants us all to love our job as much as she does. She has pioneered a whole new way of being for teachers since she has used technology to encourage us to group and focus as a unit on various aspects of teaching. The teachers who participated in the #30Goals were going from strength to strength and the subsequent boost to their morale and capacity to connect and benefit became very obvious. I followed the #30Goals on Twitter and just participated that way. I found it made first term fly for me and I was much more focussed in my thinking for the classroom. So now I am up to Term 2 and I miss those #30Goals. I have decided I shall set my own challenges based on the Teaching for Effective Learning (TfEL) framework for South Australia. Our school is concentrating on Domain 3. I have started to explore it and am going to take a technology approach to it. So , with that in mind:

Challenge One :What have you done to make them curious?

My double lesson today was with the year 9s who get their laptops next week for the One to One programme. I have offered to help roll it out because I think it will be interesting and they set a high standard last year with the roll out. I shall have to think about how I am going to get those students to think of their laptops not just as a new toy but as something they can really benefit from to educate themselves. Today those students were excited about their laptops coming so I made sure we had a lesson to feed that enthusiam. Wednesday we are booked into the computer room for a timed internet challenge. They really enjoyed the last one and enjoyed their voyage of discovery. This one is on French transport so I had to really think how I would make that interesting and teach them French. I am also teaching the future tense and how you make them wonder about that is a challenge! To meet my aims we went through some vocab practice on the whiteboard and I had different versions of the same thing. They came alive when they could pick the right answer from the 3 choices. That is what meant something to them. We then spent 20 minutes drawing 6 pictures of our life at 20. That caused a lot of laughter and chatter and then we had to work out the 6 French future tense sentences which would apply to those pictures and used the future tense – At 20 I’ll climb a mountain… When they get their laptops they will be able to quickly convert that into a little iMovie to give them the skills for their big term project – their view of Paris. They really are excited about being able to make a movie for French. So my basic approach is feed and teach what I know interests them, find out how they learn and use that, and then give them things to look forward to.

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  2. Wow! Really love how you are reflecting on these objectives. I think that is very innovative and can be useful for other educators who have to integrate these objectives. The problem with most objectives is they are rarely reflected upon. Perhaps, this is the new way?


    • I’d like to think that we’d get past the – Here is the curriculum framework – look at it and now plan your lessons. I’d like to think we can be given a framework that we make interactive and that we share! It reinforces us and the interactive approach is more dynamic. Breaking things down and focussing on one small thing ensures you get a clear understanding of what you are doing and your #30Goals taught me that! Thank you for dropping by to comment.


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