Marble Desktop Globe

Marvell Desktop GlobeEarth Globe X which I blogged about yesterday has proved to be popular with my students today even though I am not a geography teacher. They are fascinated with the fact it is a real time satellite picture of our planet. The Marble Desktop Globe is a KDE initiative . The software download is available for all platforms. It is a 3D spinning globe which you can twist and turn to see any country on the planet. You can also search for cities. It provides a much better idea of where things are than a flat map and is a very handy, nice looking desktop tool.

Dress up Ubuntu desktop

images of ubuntu desktop Changing desktop themes in Ubuntu is not as easy as it sounds – or it is easy if you know how and finding out how is not that easy! That said, I have had some success and I am more than happy with my results and my new cruisy Ubuntu desktops. I have choices! To change the desktop you right click on it and select change desktop. Within that there are customising options for folders and colours. Trying to load a theme is hard. Liberian Geek has some instructions which I will try later, much later but they will probably work since Liberian Geek has very solid information on Ubuntu. In the meantime I’ll share another couple of sites with you so that you don’t go through the frustration of downloading themes which then won’t load into the theme manager no matter which way you try. The Ubuntu Studio theme is really cool and I customised it with a picture of my own and it is a very slick interface. If you follow the instructions on the site for the terminal codes, they work like a charm. Last night it was the first thing that worked and I could not have been happier.The WEBUPD8 site also has some very nice themes which you can install easily by following the instructions. The bisigi ones on Liberian Geek are really nice too and so I shall have to try out those instructions. Meantime I am really happy with my desktop makeovers and feel a real sense of success!

PS: Have tried the ideas from Liberian Geek and they work! Now I have some really great themes to play with. Happy lady.

EarthGlobe X

pictures of Earth Globe This is a great Mac app! It is a real time 3D planet earth which can sit on your desktop. When you click on it you can rotate the globe, and for students it would be teaching them about map reading, longitude and latitude, how the light changes on the planet…all sorts of things. EarthGlobe has a sister app called MoonDock.


picture of cybersmart quiz Cybersmart is a very comprehensive and practical site relating to cybersafety. It offers resources, training , things to think about and a way of dealing with the issue without becoming overwhelmed by it. It caters to parents, teachers and students. It offers lesson plans and quizzes so that adults are able to better guide children but children are also able to navigate the site freely and get some sensible and practical help. Sites like this should be constantly and widely publicised so the information is circulated as a matter of routine.

Get Ubuntu to recognise digital camera

picture of digital camera icon on desktop I have just been driving myself bonkers trying to get Ubuntu to recognise my Sony Cybershot camera. As it turns out, it is quite easy if you know how, so I’ll share this with you so you don’t waste time!

1. Before you attach the camera and while it is turned on, press the menu button back right of the camera.
2. At the bottom of the new information which comes up you will see Mode.
3. Press the right arrow button of the circular cursor guide. Mine has a little tulip next to it.
4. You will see Setup with an arrow pointing right.
5. Press the right arrow cursor again with the little tulip.
6.Press the down cursor on the round cursor guide until you reach the camera icon with 2 under it.
7. Press the right cursor arrow again. You will be on File number.
8. Press the down cursor arrow and scroll down to the USB connect.
9. Select PTP by pressing the right arrow cursor and the up or down cursor button.
10. Now press the round, raised button in the middle of the cursor guide and PLP will be the selection.
11. Press the menu button on right of image screen. picture of digital camera icon on desktop
12. Now connect the camera to the computer with the USB cable and your camera icon will show on the desktop.
13. Click on the icon.
14. It will offer you the chance to open FSpot. Do that and import your pictures.

Done , done and done!

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