Nuclear Energy Resources

picture of argonne site We are all watching the situation in Japan and we all want to know. At lunch time today much of our discussion was pooling the information we knew and allowing science teachers to correct our misinformation. The thing which impressed me most was I got a good idea from our science teachers about nuclear energy . They explained it extremely well. Hand gestures seemed to be a significant part of the explanations, but we have access to laptops and whiteboards in our classrooms can be a hive of learning and activity from this point onwards . Students are concerned about the situation in Japan. The world is watching and we need to understand so we can help and so we can look at our own patch of the woods. We need to be properly informed. As teachers we have to be prepared to answer questions about anything extreme which occurs so our children are able to understand better. If they get a sound explanation they worry less and they start thinking more creatively. Some of these children will be world leaders in science. The Argonne site has some excellent resources in nuclear energy which have been approved by nuclear experts. They offer these resources in English, French, German and Spanish. Maybe in time , other languages will be available. When catastrophes happen the world wants to know and the world speaks a lot of languages. Key resources need to be multilingual. This site is a good start and the information is kept current. The other pleasing thing is that they invite feedback about the resources.

3 thoughts on “Nuclear Energy Resources

  1. This is a very important subject: literally world-changing. And we cannot afford to be apathetic about the increasing problems re ageing/faulty reactors. The horrible irony is that Japan is the only country to have been bombed with nuclear weapons during wartime. We really haven’t learned much in the intervening years, have we? I suggest researching: Windscale (UK, 1957); Three-Mile Island (US, 1979); and Chernobyl (Ukraine, 1986).

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