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Search Engine Optimisation is a whole industry these days because the web is everything to connectivity and business. Success on the web can lead to big money and so SEO is vital. It is important your site gets found and ranked highly by search engines.For education , it is even more important we get our sites ranked and up there because the internet does not particularly value education as a crowd puller aka linkbait (says something!) but we need to know we are there and that we can help each other. One of the things you can do is ensure your website loads efficiently as I blogged here. The second thing you can do is consult a site like crainbandy where you get some good tips and ideas. Now, as your average person, you may not understand all of it or want to follow through on all of it, but the more you pick up to optimise your site for search engines, the happier you will be and the happier I will be because I’ll be able to find you. I am not an expert at this but I am surrounded by experts on the web who share their knowledge freely. I have picked up a thing or two , so, to keep it simple, here are my top five SEO tips:

1. Ensure your site loads quickly and efficiently.
2. Keep posting. Keep the site up to date. Even when you are tired , find a way to keep the site current.
3. Make sure you have some posts which are crowd pullers. You might come across them by accident like my one on Ubuntu and Me-TV. That post has consistently brought in the traffic and that helps my search engine ranking.
4. Post helpful ideas. They tend to get ranked more highly. You can always put in your opinions as you go along!!
5. Use Twitter or similar to gauge trending topics because the in thing is the in thing and that’s what creates SEO .The other way to get traffic and thereby ranking is to use something unusual like my post on The Blue Diva.The blog itself does not rate highly because it’s my opinion blog but that post is one of the posts which has consistently brought a lot of search engine traffic.

Tech Talk Podcasts

The New York Times offers tech podcasts to keep you up to date with currents trends and discoveries. The latest podcast discusses using mobile phones to test eyes and then create the prescription for glasses. As someone who has to go to an optometrist on a regular basis, I cannot believe my luck! If my mobile could do all the scanning and checking I’d be so happy because it would save me time and energy. The fact this technology now exists is exciting. We are really making some great uses of technology now. The podcasts cover those sorts of research ideas but also topics of internet safety and protection. Follow the link form this page to the Tech Talk page as well because that particular page comes up with interesting discussions and ideas which do have classroom application and implication.

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