Make me a gadget, please!

Dream gadget The other day I was writing about using my TEL7J tablet in the kitchen because it is not an expensive gadget and it’s durable. I was suggesting we could have a purpose built gadget for the kitchen – splash proof, basic, durable but web enabled. I know what the interface should look like now and I have put up the mock-up left. It needs to be tiled and preferably each tile should operate independently from within that tile, but I’d also like to be able to shift from small to full screen if necessary. I want the web to check sites just for general browsing but also to access YouTube cooking videos and also recipe sites. Infact YouTube could be one of the tiles. Everyone would have different interests. Some people might prefer to access music and sport as they cook. There could even be a news tiles. I guess you should have a bank of tiles to choose from and that the number of tiles could be changed. I always want to know the time and weather and then it’s nice to keep up with Twitter and Facebook. The last tile I’d like is one for images. A scrolling tile for that one so I can have the interest of images changing. It would be great to be able to wall mount this touch screen dream gadget so it is out of the way but easily accessed in front of me. I could use a gadget like this in my classroom. It would have the school daily notices, news services, Google maps, deadline reminders for the week, aitsl and acara. Why not? The teacher toolkit on the wall on a simple , fuss-free interface on a simple, fuss-free gadget. Maybe, by next Christmas!

Spoiled for presentation choice

haiku deck That’s what I like! being spoiled for choice. I already have a quite a few choices in how I can and do present material because it is what I have worked on over the last 2 years in particular. It means my students have those choices too. Now, it has just become so much more exciting! A chance to really broaden our presentation scope and to have a real opportunity to choose the right software/tool for the job. This afternoon I downloaded the free Haiku Deck app onto my iPad. I nearly didn’t because I thought it was something for Japanese and then I did because I am trying to learn a bit of Japanese. I  realised the word deck was being used to mean slide set ( as in deck of slide cards ) and have duly noted a linguistic change I need to make. The Haiku Deck presentation app is really very good if you want to put together something quickly but you want it to look effective. I just did the one they guide you through and I really appreciated that aspect of the process. They were showing me how to use their software in a really good way. I can make better presentations than the one I made – but supposing I just had my iPad and I wanted to do something quickly and easily? I liked how it allowed me to change themes and find some great images and charts. I could then put it up on the web using my Twitter account and so I had a spot to find my presentation on the web .Now I can access it from my desktop. That easy. I also tweeted about it so I could find the link to my Haiku Deck presentation! I found out about this presentation tool on the Technology Tools for Teachers . If you go to this link you will find a whole list of presentation options for different devices and venues. I know a lot of them but I plan to try the ones I am not familiar with.

Teachers need to use Twitter

TwitterTeachers need to use Twitter. It means you can have regular input from like minded people and from people who are involved in all sorts of areas. It broadens your knowledge and your thinking. I have access to a constant stream of professional input from all sorts of sources. New ideas, trends and processes come my way on a regular basis. I can use my own areas of expertise and knowledge to share ideas with others but I can help them too. A problem shared is a problem halved and people often go on Twitter to get technology help. I tweet my issues with devices and software and the same goes for others. An annoying block or difficulty can be quickly resolved – like my Samsung Galaxy Express stopping my Windows 7 laptop from accessing wifi. I just tweeted it. The fix was there by the next day. It means we are constantly helping and supporting each other but we are growing ideas and sharing inspiration too. It keeps you buoyant. You are never hunting for ideas nor blocked because you can’t think what to do. Another real advantage is you can combine with others to cover the content of meetings and conferences. This means that content is preserved so it can be utilised elsewhere in the real or virtual world. They are not separate. They run concurrently and what you do in the virtual world can be of real help in the real world. Twitter facilitates all of that integration of the real and virtual worlds and so takes away the burden of trying to battle it out alone in the classroom day in day out. Teaching can extend into virtual world and make some valuable, viable connections and impact. Those then can be used to grow your real world.

Boost IWB use with Triptico


I have just downloaded the free version of Triptico onto my MacBook and it appears to offer a great deal so that I can really get an idea about how this works on my whiteboard. It does look like the sort of thing which teachers and students would enjoy using to make the content more appealing to create, deliver and absorb. Teachers will learn by using the numerous options for creating learning materials. They are all active learning approaches with an interactive edge. I like the sounds, the layout, the fact I can change the layout and the fact I can see already that I could use this to customise materials for my students. I like the timer and the random student picker. It is obvious these learning activities have been built by a teacher. They will not create everything you need but it is clear from the free version that it will make better and more interesting use of the whiteboard you probably have in your classroom.The other advantage it had is that you can obtain a networked version. I won’t have a lot of time to engage with this right now but I plan to look at it over the rest of the year so I can come back to the new year 2014 with some interesting whiteboard activities for my students.

Every child needs a teacher

Every child needs a teacher

Every child needs a teacher

UNESCO has created an interactive infographic so you can see exactly how many teachers are needed where so that every child can benefit from a teacher. UNESCO’s global action week was in April.The campaign would have to be ongoing to get 6.8 million teachers into classrooms.

ShowMe hands on teaching and learning

ShowMe teaching and learning siteHow the eye works The relatively new site ShowMe works very easily on an iPad and you can access it on a computer. On the iPad you just download the ShowMe app and follow the prompts and cues. It is very easy on an iPad to create a lesson or an activity. ShowMe is a site for teaching a learning and if you look at the examples of the work already there you can see it will develop into a site where differentiating the curriculum will become easier and easier the more others contribute. It means there will be a bank of teaching and learning no matter what your style and needs. The iPad can record you as you are doing things and adding pictures or script so it means lessons can be created and shared anywhere any time. It is also a good way for students to share their learning and become peer educators. Some will be able to go straight onto the site and create an item. I am thinking I will need to have a few practice runs first and then float something for my public. It is is going to be a good resource bank for teachers and it will help new teachers. It will also become a useful spot to help students with long term absence problems. It won’t replace being in school but it will help buffer the time out of class. The items are classified into categories and the site features a number of them so you can always see something different to help inspire you. This is a site which will grow and mature the more people contribute…so I had better do my bit and start practising. Meanwhile I am setting up my profile.

TeacherCast app keeps you fully informed

teachercastTeacherCast is a dynamic hub for teachers. You can find everything you want and need and more. It is lively, informed, interesting helpful and incredibly positive. It adds the coolness factor to education.We know it’s a cool job. Others don’t. TeacherCast has created a lively centre so that you can go there and get real information which will really help you because they know what a real classroom needs. I downloaded the app and can now access all that lovely stuff anywhere. You can access the site from your computer so don’t feel you are being left out. That’s the point. TeacherCast knows we all have our own way of being connected. I love it! It has heaps of resources, discussions, things to ponder, apps reviews…something for everyone. Why am I so excited? You normally get longwinded theories and explanations on teacher sites. You get policies, frameworks, guidelines. Page after page after page. I read it, I use it. I do what you do and take it all in and put it into practice. It’s just nice to have a lively place to go with a bit of a buzz which will make me look at what I am doing from a different perspective.

QR Codes are go!

QRcodes I think everyone is getting excited about QR codes now. If you want data about QR Codes and their market penetration in different countries then Heidi Cohen has done a fabulous job of collecting it all and displaying it really well. This will help you to know how important QR codes are becoming. It may well be they are a fad but everyone has mobile technology and they want to use it. QR Codes give them that opportunity. Restaurants are starting to use them because they are a very effective way of engaging their public. Isn’t that what our schools and classrooms are about? Scoop it has some very solid links to sites which will help you work out how to use QR Codes to engage your learners and your learning community. Youngupstarts has 50 ways to use QR codes in a classroom. So , by now, you are probably developing some ideas about how to use QR codes. After 4 blog posts I am starting to get workable ideas. At the moment I am thinking a theme or a text and then the qr codes would surround that to link resources to help students learn the language and get the information they need to create their own assignment. it is also how students could link information to something they are doing. This would be especially useful to students who don’t have laptops but who do have access to mobile technology. There is a novelty value for sure, but the more you look , the more you can see that they are probably here to stay and will just get better at sharing information via mobile sources.

Take a bow , educators!

Top 12 presentations on Slideshare It ‘s not all in vain! For over a year I have blogged my heart out trying to get education on the internet and search engine agenda. When I first started this blog I was dismayed to discover that SEO ranking considered education to be a weak link. Oh really? Since then I have found so many educators who get on Twitter, YouTube, who create blogs, who have organised websites for teachers and education. World wide we are working together to bring education into the 21st Century and to make the online world know what we are doing. We are real teachers in real classrooms who share what we do . By doing this we have strengthened each other and helped each other but, more than that, the world can see what our job actually is. They can see for themselves what we actually do and hear it from the people who do it day in day out, year after year. We have to innovate with technology. We have to find the ways of making it work in a classroom. We have to be there trying to put it all together and keep up with curriculum implementation , performance management and best practice. Education does count. It is important. It is the future. So, I went to my spot on Slideshare and when I looked at the most viewed I finally have 5 slide presentations to do with education in the top 12. Do you know how heartening that is? My Slideshare network has always encouraged me and helped me to learn more and more. They are not all teachers but they are all tertiary educated and some are teachers. These people have helped me make better presentations which I can use in class but I can now also make better presentations which the rest of the world can and has viewed. Education is not a weak link and it is not unimportant. So, finally, I can say, thanks to all my online activity and the encouragement I have received ,that education is starting to count online. Take a bow, teachers.