Serious audio recording on an iPad

Epic tutorials takes audio on an iPad/iPhone very seriously and this 16 minute video gives you a lot of information about how to manage more professional quality audio on an iPad. The tutorial is clear, straight forward and easy to follow. If you look at the comments below the tutorial then you can see that the willingness to help others is there. He speaks about the Rode Rec  which is $7.49 from the app store. There are free audio recording apps like the ones I mentioned yesterday and there are other paid ones like bossjock studio which I have and posted about previously.

Audio editing software

I have just found Wave Pad. Normally I use Audacity because it is cross platform, my students can use it easily and know the software and it is basically fuss free and effective. In class I use Audacity and Garage Band because we have MacBooks and iPads. Wave Pad is now an other option.Once you show students how to add the effects in Garage Band then their recordings really come up a level because they like using sound effects and it spurs them on to doing better. Audacity is handy in class for straight out  voice recording. Remember, I am no sound technician and I am teaching French. I am looking for things to help me improve the quality of what I can produce and thereby increase my options as a teacher but I am also looking at how anyone can make better quality sound files. Wave Pad is for Windows , Mac , Android , iOS but not Linux .I have found already that it has improved what I am doing even though I am currently just using a microphone with speaker attached. I could record something, enhance the voice, clean up the track and get a better sound…all in 10 minutes. If I can use this software, then anyone can. It does make a difference. There is a paid version and choices. That is good marketing. For a start I can have a really good look at this software without feeling it will disappear off my computer, be so limited I would not really have a clue and have no chance of really understanding how the software will benefit me and those I share sound files and sound file making with. Wave Pad comes with tutorials, helpful hints, ideas, clear explanations, You Tube support and an opportunity to grow as I learn without feeling like I have to push myself when I am not ready to. This is the crux of learning new technology. You need time to explore and gain confidence, you need help if you want it, you need a vision. I have the cables now for my mixer and so I am looking forward to using Wave Pad. I’ll still use Audacity because I am cross platform but my desktop and netbook are what I use at home and my NetBook made a really nice sound file last night just after I had downloaded Wave Pad. If nothing else, others who produce software should take some tips from Wave Pad as to how to introduce new clients to a platform.

Transfer photos from iPad to computer

I don’t know how many times I have shown others how to transfer videos and photos from an iPad to a computer. I often do it in class so I can share student work with the class or because students want a copy and they don’t know how to do it.  It is not obvious. I use a file transfer app but the way this video shows you is very easy if you worry about how you are going to do things with technology. If you want to transfer the iPad photos to a Windows computer the instructions are here. It is important to be able to do this because videos and images take up a lot of room on the iPad. You don’t have to want to be put in the position of deleting them if you don’t know how to transfer the images elsewhere. You can also upload them online to places like Facebook or Flickr or cloud storage like DropBox.

Exhausted iPad

safari“Mrs. Woods, my iPad’s exhausted,” was what was called out to me in my Year 8 class today. “Mrs. Woods, my iPad’s exhausted and I can’t upload my work.”

“What do you mean it is exhausted? Do you mean it has no battery life left?”
” No, it’s exhausted. I have a message which says it’s exhausted.”

Yes, indeed there was a message which probably meant there was a time out. The iPad was rebooted and all was well with the world.

Why would you have any other job?

Organise yourself with your iPad

iTeach PadI wish! I still cannot find what I am looking for. I want a way to organise my apps so I can connect them properly to my lessons, topics and teaching routine. With my MacBook I have gone through changes. I initially had files in year levels, then I had them in year levels and units and now I have them in year levels but organise the work in each term and within that I organise my resources in topics. Works much better that way because if I want to shift files I just move them from one term to another rather than going through rearranging topics and year levels. When it comes to iPad apps I have had no genius idea for organising my apps so I can connect them to a topic , year level or term. It relies on my memory at this stage or sorting through what I have to find the right app for the occasion. There isn’t an app for it either! Most disappointing. What I have found, though, are some fantastic resources for teachers on the iPad. iTeach Pad has had some sound reviews around the place and even though it’s a paid app it may well be worth my while to invest in it since it has so many helpful facets. It has gone through a consultation process which would be the best way to build apps for the classroom. The iOrganised post on the Reflections of a Passionate Educator blog gives some very sound and helpful ideas for how to put an iPad to practical use in a classroom. There are then the Top 20 iPad apps for teachers on the TeachTechTopia site. All of those things are really wonderful but I need a way of filing my apps so they connect with year levels and topics.

iPad Tips – new users

JRESHOW goes pretty fast on this video but the good news is you can stop and backtrack. This is where video clips can be really helpful. He shows 16 tips for the iPad and you probably know most of them but a lot of people don’t know or can’t use the Emoji keyboard which is a bit of fun and adds a light hearted visual element to any text. If you want a video to specifically show you how to use the emoji keyboard on iPhone or iPad 5 then use this one by PhoneBuff. JRESHOW’s video is a good way to check whether you have mastered the key competences of your iPad!

Love my lolly pink cable

charger I now have to work with iPad/iPod 2 and iPad 5 cables. It can get a bit confusing when you are in a hurry. In the car I connect my iPad 5 and my iPod 2. I don’t want to confuse them. Nor do I want to confuse school cables and home cables. My lovely lolly pink cable is the very thing. They come in other colours, too . I got this one from a department store. There is no doubt this is my cable nor any doubt it is actually the cable I keep in the car. It is longer than the standard Apple cable so it can be a bit more convenient. I always find the Apple cables are too short for what I want to do. I wasn’t sure if a non-Apple cable would work – but it does!

Go for Grungetastic

GrungetasticI got Grungeastic free from the AppoftheDay and there should still be some time left to get it free if you are really quick. It is not an expensive app, though. Creating interesting images is a must because we are churning through our visual world very rapidly. Good images are appealing and set off the other content you want people to pay attention to. In a class of 30 you need to be able to offer options so that students can produce original work and you are all not looking at the same things all of the time. Grungetastic has a range of filters, borders and other customisations. It is easy to use, but it is also very comprehensive. I really enjoyed turning my iPad picture into a grungePad picture!

iPad/iPhone tips and tricks

split keyboard I didn’t know you could use the volume control on the Apple ear buds to take a front facing photo but I did know a lot of the other tricks. There are so many things to learn and know. It simply is not possible to know everything with technology. The main thing is, to keep the information banks up to date, you need to read through helpful posts like the one 19 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know.

Appealing apps

iPadWe are all on the lookout for good apps. Apps which are good for our daily lives, good for school, just good. You can have too many apps, but the thing is, you can store them in the cloud and as newer and better versions of favourite app types come along, you can delete the older apps. I’ll share five of my must have apps of the moment.

iTuner Radio comes as a free app but you can upgrade for very little and avoid the adverts. It means you can tune into radio stations and podcasts from all over the world and it has some other nice features too. It is very easy to use and tunes in to any station almost immediately.
AUS Weather is a beautiful app just for Australian conditions and data. Graphically it is impressive but it brings so much information. In times of extreme weather it is invaluable. The free version works just as well as the modestly priced paid one. It has adverts.
AppOfTheDay is a must have. You can get a free app everyday. Some of these are the 10 dollar or more apps and others are the cheaper ones. There is a wide variety offerred across the week and I have picked up some excellent apps for free this way.
Briefcase Pro is a paid app I got free from AppOfTheDay. You can manage all your files from cloud storage ,iPad and iTunes. Very handy if you save your files all over the place like I do!
Story Kit Story Kit looks rather old fashioned but don’t be deceived. Go straight to the creating of your own story and it is very easy. You can add images, text sound and then create the new pages for an electronic story. To teach literacy and languages it will be invaluable. Not sure why it has the old fashioned approach, but still…a very handy classroom app and free.